Quiet Tuesday Eve

I didn’t realize I was making a new, enjoyable habit; but I guess I have. When my supper is over, I usually have left-overs. Some food I love to save such as soups, especially chili. Other foods I put in the freezer or in the refrigerator and it usually becomes freezer burnt or spoiled.

Last week I decided instead of wasting it I would venture outdoors and feed the wildlife. I feed birds and my two fat groundhogs that scamper and play in the early evenings. It took a couple of days but now within a half-hour, what food I gave them is gone.

Tonight it wasn’t quite as warm as last evening. There is a slight breeze and the sun is still shining brightly. I did the feeding and then just stood out on the back porch and looked at nature’s beauty.

I saw a bird who was calling to his mate. I noticed the tree next door had turned red with buds. Quick, I ran back in the house and grabbed my camera. I swear folks, when I am with my camera, I see nor hear nothing else in the world. I don’t know where the time goes but I was out there for about 20 minutes. So here are the 3 photos I took. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.



10 thoughts on “Quiet Tuesday Eve

    • Thanks dear friend. I’m better today than yesterday and yet there is an emotional tremor inside as it nears my brother’s anniversary date of his death. Thanks so much for being the person you are

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      • What you went through was a nightmare. Sure, you know the upside but at some point the loss becomes more real and the loss of identity that was not your fault. That and your love for your brother and the ignorance of people about his condition. You are awesome.


      • I think you are describing where I am at right now. His death saddened me and yet now it seems more real. I think I needed to get to this point so I can move on. Hugs

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