Poetry Contest


The cover photo on this page is a photo of an environment with a lot of sand. (Photo prompt by Baidha Fercoq, administrator)

Baidha suggests that life’s journey is like sand and its changeable nature. You may write a poem in any style or form about life’s journey or uncertainty in life’s general direction. Post the poem only. No other photos. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem.

Contest will be from March 17 until March 24, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win.

A new prompt will be posted every week

Feet feel like lead
My throat is dry
Arms hang low
Legs won’t listen
Heart is slow
Mind is fogged
Sun is too hot
Sand pebbles bite
My skin pricks blood
I want to die
I wish for it to end
I can’t go on
Lord why
Why did you place me here
All alone, no one to talk to
No one to laugh with
Then Jesus appeared
He said sit down and listen
I heard your prayers
I heard your cries
I wanted to turn away
But I promised you I would remain
You are on the wrong path
You feel sorry for yourself
All you do is complain
So I placed you here
So you may appreciate
What I have given unto you.
Did it work my son?
Yes, father it did, thank-you.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Alvin, My Brother

Alvin, My Brother

In 6 days you will be gone a year

For you I’ve shed many a tear

I remember it all like it was yesterday

When you were here, then went away

Sometimes the minutes turned to hours

I try to remain strong with all God’s power

But all emotions came back today

As I read the words they had to say

The statement and the legal words

I read through eyes that were so blurred

The guardianship and all you are

Is stamped closed and now I have a scar

I felt as if I was hit with a brick

The clock stopped, there is no tick

Your life and all you held for me

Is closed for good but not my memories

For they can close this case today

But you will never hear me say

Alvin, who’s that or what did he do

My memories stay fresh when I think of you.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


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