Slow Down, Life is Worth It



Where does the time go

Do you watch the second-hand

Do you keep track of hours gone by

Are we so busy in life we don’t see

We don’t even think to wonder why?

That life is passing us by

Not long ago I remember

Seeing jack-o-lanterns and ghosts

I awaited for that nice brown turkey

Then it seems we were making a toast.

We waited and endured the winter

We huddled around the hearth

We couldn’t wait to shed those coats

And put away those boots

We dreamed of swimming and boats.

Now Spring is almost here

And we made it through dark days

We watch as the sun melts  snow

We run for our shorts and tees

Where in the world did the time go?

Don’t forget to stop and breathe

Appreciate all those in your life

Take a moment and look around

Don’t let life just pass you  by

Listen to the birth of Spring’s new sounds.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd