If I was a piece of bubblegum

I tell you what I’d do

I would stick myself all over

I’d be stuck to you like glue.

I’d allow you to make big bubbles

I’d make them in silly shapes

I’d even let you pop me

I’d splatter all over your face.

I know that bubbles are the best

For laughing over the top

They give you hours of pleasure

I’d make you never want to stop.

I can hear my memories speaking

Oh mama can I buy one piece

She would look at me with love

And give me 2 cents at least.

Oh to go back to those times once more

When life was simple and sweet

When nothing was much better

Than a pink bubble gum treat to eat.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



I Did This Instead of That

This morning I went to the gym to swim, but could not. A class was going on. I then spent 15 minutes on one of the air-bikes and then left. I didn’t leave before picking up the Spring schedule so I don’t run into that problem again. It is so nice here today. It is sunny and almost 60 outside, so instead of coming home I decided to take some photos of the Historical side of Russellville. I don’t live in this area, although I wish I could. It is a beautiful area.

russellville photorussellville photo2russellville photo 3russellville photo 4russellville photo 6russellville photo 7russellville photo 9russellville photo 11