Keeping Busy

Today is the anniversary of my brother’s passing. With all the support from you and the MSA groups, I didn’t do too bad. One of the supporters sent me a photo she made and let it fly towards heaven.

I stayed as busy as I could today. I went and had my oil changed in my car. I took it through a car wash and swept it out and washed it. I washed a blanket from my bed and changed sheets. I also ran to the grocery store to get items for Tacos for my supper tonight.

Time is late afternoon now and I don’t really have much left to do. I don’t want to cry so I took my camera outside and took a picture of a Robin sitting in my yard. I also snapped a photo of those pesky acorns that are all over my yard and porch from my big pine tree at the corner of the house.

balloonrobin 2robin 3


11 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. You’re in our thoughts, Terry. We remember this as it was yesterday. We never forget Al. I think he sent you a message. The blackbird symbolizes a message from heaven and the acorns symbolizes good luck. Hope you find peace in your memories, dear Terry. Soft Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

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