Refreshed Mind

Driving in my car, down the country road. I swerve the familiar bumps. I have my music playing. A soft music I was in love with in the seventies. I see my familiar deer. It looks like a couple of deer added to their families, I smile.IMG_0103

Red-winged birds sitting on the fence post. A neighborhood of Robins near-by. The smells of the country enter my nostrils. It is such a nice change from the city air.

robinI am on my way to my familiar spot. A secret place where no one has discovered. A calming atmosphere where I can get away from my life and try to sort confusing thoughts.quote Do you ever feel like this? Life gets backed up. Thoughts bash against each other in your mind causing your head to spin.

I slow down as I see the open area coming upon me. I stop and turn the key off. The radio is silenced. All I can hear is the chatter of crickets and birds. I get out of the car and open the trunk.

Taking the old, familiar blanket out I walk to my spot. Spreading it out on the over-grown, soft grass, I sit down and take a deep breath.weeds I lay down, and my breathing slows. Fresh air fills my lungs. I rewind the week. The hurtful words I heard. The busy schedule I have at work. Saying yes when I should have said no.

I let it fall out of my thoughts and dream a new goal. It is so awesome to dream. Do you dream about days ahead?purse 2 I feel this is something that helps us keep moving forward. I think about what is important in my life. I mentally count the goals I have not reached yet. I place those in order and will myself to finish them before I leave this earth.

I hear a branch crack. I look up to see a doe straight ahead of me. I am in his territory I suppose, but I found it first. I watch him and he stares at me. Soon mama comes and nudges him the other direction.

This takes me back to earlier days when I had my little ones. Some days seemed the same. Other times there was so much going on I wondered what the kids and I had shared that day.

Where did the time go? It doesn’t seem possible that I can still see my babies laying in their plastic beds at the hospital and now they are grown and have their own children. I smile, as I think about each one and the joy they have brought to my life.

I close my eyes and soon drift on to dream land. I see myself running through tall grasses. I am a child of innocence. I hear my laughter. I see my long-blonde hair flowing in the breeze. I am holding yellow, wild flowers in my chubby little fingers.

I wake up and I feel wetness on my cheeks. I knew they were tears of happiness of days I once lived. I wiped the tears and rolled over on my back. I placed my arms under my head. I stared at the blue sky with the huge cotton balls passing 6 When my mind is emptied, I stand up and grab my blanket. I walk back to the car, placing the blanket back in its spot. I get in my car. I turn my familiar music back on. I drive back home to the city with a renewed, and refreshed mind.