A Visit to Wal-Mart

The other day I got out and about before the storms hit here in Kentucky. I went to Wal-Mart with list in hand. I got everything I needed and saved the last item on my list for last.

I headed towards the lawn and garden area. I was searching for potting soil. I needed a couple of big bags for the plants I received at Al’s funeral. It has been a year and it is Spring so time to replant them.

I looked and looked and I find at this particular Wal Mart there is never anyone around able to help. It is my job to hunt someone down. It doesn’t matter what area of the store I am at either. In fact, last week I visited there and wanted to try some pants on.

For the second time in visits there was no one to let me in the dressing room. After being patient for too long I finally flagged some employee down and asked for someone to be sent to my area.

Finally a lady appeared. She said, ” They got rid of the person working in this area so no one is here anymore, downsizing.” I smiled, but inside I thought about the millions of dollars they take in and how they hurt the customer in the process to gain that extra buck.

Some of you may already know that I have a few medical issues, and so for those who do not and to be able to continue with my story; I must stop and explain here my circumstances.

I have Peripheral neuropathy


This keeps my fingers and feet burning, tingling, sometimes very hot, or very cold and electrical shocks can go through my hands.

I am also a Diabetic and have Parkinson’s Disease, on the light side, so far.


So on to my story. I couldn’t find anyone to help me in this area either. I finally gave up and saw an employee who actually worked in the outdoor area of lawn and garden. She was changing tags on a display shelf.

I said, “Excuse me, could you guide me to the large potting soil bags? I need 2 of them.” Without even turning and looking at me she remarked, “They are outside. Just go out there and there is a guy who will help you.” No thanks, no looks, I think I was an invisible lady that day to her.

I walk all the way back to the front of the store and pay for my purchases I had in my cart and the 2 bags of potting soil. I go outside and put my items in the car and drive over to the section for lawn and garden. I saw 2 trucks that were empty. I saw different people who were filtering through different items they were wanting.

I didn’t see any help though. Darn, so I turned the car off and got out and starting going down the row of potting soil. I had my receipt in one hand so I could show the employee that I had already paid for the 2 bags.

I located them and knew I was going to struggle with picking them up from my hand damage. I waited for a while, knowing someone would show up. I was getting a little concerned on top because I was aware of how warm it was outside and the ice-cream I had put in the trunk.

Finally, a guy shows up. He goes to truck 1 and loads them up. He goes to truck 2 and this truck wanted a complete load of goodies. I thought to myself, it’s going to be a while before he gets to me, so I better just do the best I can myself.

I tug and pull and eventually get those 2 bags in my car. I wait patiently for the guy to come check-out my receipt. He finishes with the truck and begins to walk behind it as if he is leaving.

I honk once for  his attention because my fingers and feet were now burning. I didn’t want to have to get out of the car again. He didn’t hear me or didn’t come or I don’t know what.

I put my car in reverse and backed up as close as I could to the truck. I got out with my receipt and went up to him. ” Sir, I just want to let you know I got my potting soil myself. It is in my car. I didn’t want to drive off with you thinking I stole something”.

He looks down in the car and at me and says, ” I don’t care lady. I just assumed you weren’t stealing it”.

I was a little shocked by his attitude. He didn’t care to help me. He didn’t care if I had to load those 2 big bags by myself, and he didn’t care enough to check if I was stealing or not.

So why is it that Wal-Mart, keeps bringing more stuff from China in; getting rid of the better quality items in the store? Is it to save themselves a few dollars? Well, maybe the first place they need to look is to the attitudes of their employees and the lack of help on the floor. This could be what is causing customers to shop elsewhere and it could be a reason shoplifting is raising in stores.


12 thoughts on “A Visit to Wal-Mart

  1. Terry I would print this out and send it to the Corporate headquarters with a letter and let them read just what kind of BS they have. This is now a new reason why I will not go into WalMart. The other is their labor practice.


  2. i know that many need to shop there and that is why they can give no service and get away with it. one thing you can do is call the store, identify yourself as handicapped and usually they will give you better service. it is the law and they don’t want to be sued. you should use the electric carts too. don’t push your self so hard! people can’t tell by looking at you handicapped by looking at you but you might be surprised how helpful people are when you just let them know.

    so sorry you went through all this but so glad you are going to be able to plant al’s plants and have them to look at for the years to come.

    sending you love and hugs my friend!


    • I never considered letting anyone know of my handicap. Sometimes I do use the electric cart if I am going to be in the store too long. Here where I live, WalMart is the only big store, so don’t have much choice. I did re-plant all of Al’s plants yesterday. I feel so proud looking at them. Love and hugs dear friend

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