Easter Sunday

The weather had prevented me from visiting my family in Indiana. I was sad as I am not sure when I get to go back. On Saturday evening I spent the night at my daughter’s home and awoke Sunday morning to 2 surprises.

One was an Easter basket with my 2 favorite pieces; Cadbury egg and Reese peanut butter egg. Yummy was my thought. The second surprise was finding out we were going to Mammoth Cave.

I had never been there. Mammoth Cave is an hour from my house. We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel. While waiting for our table; I saw the most adorable little girl with her family.

  • 800 Happy Valley St, Cave City, KY 42127Cross Streets: Between Sanders St/Gardner Ln and Mammoth Cave Rd/Mammoth Cave St/Doyle Ave
  • (270) 773-4723

We then drove through a small part of Mammoth Cave. I was amazed at how huge it is and that we barely saw any of it. I didn’t have the opportunity to go into any caves due to the extreme wetness from the big rains.

I took a lot of photos, as you knew I would. On the way home we stopped at Gondolier Italian restaurant and had dessert and coffee.

Open Today

After asking for doggy bags for the enormous pieces we received, we headed home. Here are photos I thought worthy of showing you.

mammath cave 2mammath cave 3mammath cave 4mammath cave 5mammath cave 6mammath cave 7mammath cave 8mammath cave 9mammath cave 10mammath cave 12mammath cave 13mammath cave 15mammath cave 18mammath cave 19mammath cave 20mammath cave 21mammath cave 22mammath cave 23

mammath cave

15 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. so glad you had a fun day despite not being able to go to indiana. i think i would like to visit the cave and it may not be very far from where we live.

    we love cracker barrel! there is one here about 5 miles down the road and i think we know every server and each item on the menu:)


  2. Have been to Mammoth Cave several times…field trips when in Elementary School…groups of kids when I worked in the Public School System…Always a treat!…The caves are beautiful and a bit scary for me…”Don’t turn out the lights!”…Glad you had such a great day…Your daughter sounds like a gem!


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