The Fool

” Who are you? Get out of here”. I sat up on my bed. Teeth chattering from fear. I got up on my knees because it disappeared. Seeing nothing, I slipped my slippers on and carefully walked towards the end of the bed. It was gone. Whatever it was that I thought I saw; was no more. I got back in bed and laid back on my pillow. Sleep hiding from my mind. I lay there thinking how silly I must look if anyone had just witnessed what I thought I did. I turned and laid facing the window. Shadows bouncing from tree branches blowing in the breeze. I could make out many shapes as long as I let my imagination flow. I laughed out loud; willing my body to calm itself. I closed my eyes when suddenly it appeared once more. It wasn’t at the foot of my bed this time. It was staring me right in the face. Its shadow embracing the width of the window curtains. “Who are you? I say, who are you? You don’t fool me. I know you are only a figment of my imagination. Go away, and leave me alone”. ” Fool you? I fool you? You are the fool my child. You are the one trying to be other than whom I made you. I have come to warn you. Listen, and listen carefully. Your ways do not work. I see the clock where I sit and watch your activities daily. The hands are ticking quickly by. Your time is nearing. I come to warn you to change your ways. Live only as I  have commanded you to live. Say the words that were instilled in you while you lay resting in the womb”. My body froze. My breathing halted. Fear took over as I listened to the misty words being struck through the air I breathed. It disappeared. I touched myself and yes, I was still here, alive and breathing. It felt like a magnet was pulling my soul straight up out of the body. I reached out my hands and stretched up, fighting against the air to keep my soul where it belonged. Gasping I tugged. The harder I tugged, the stronger the gravity was against me. I lay down, willing my body to stop. Whispering words to myself, that whatever had just happened be swept away like a big, nasty cobweb. I commanded myself to breathe deeper and slower. Was this another nightmare? Could this have been real? I lay there in the dark, reliving each scene that had just played out. Be myself, who did he think he was to order me to do such a thing. Hadn’t I fought long and hard through thick trees and branches to get where I am today? Is it my fault, that boulders thrashed down on me, muddying my path before me? I had no choice. I had to do things in order to get ahead. I lay there thinking. I was tired of arguing with only myself. I willed myself to sleep once again, only to be pulled towards a pit. It is getting darker. I can’t see. ” Help me, help me please. I will listen. I  promise I will listen, if you only help me just this one time”. ”

The clock has chimed I threw you a dime You let it roll You dug your hole I warned you my child You chose being wild Now I can not rescue you You still play the part; the fool.

Written by, Terry Shepherd 4.9.2015


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