Poetry Contest

The cover photo on this page is a picture of a bereavement heart. Bereavement* is the grief work after loss/death of someone. (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form ONLY on bereavement* (see below). Post the poem only. Explanation about your poem is permissible. No other photos. Poems with photos will be deleted. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem.

Contest will be from April 14 until April 21, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win. Administrators can like your poems but their comments do not count.

A new prompt will be posted every week. This is the fourth in the death and dying series for National Poetry Month for April.

The five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of what is considered bereavement. Last week’s anticipatory grief has similar stages but expressing them are different. In bereavement there are more “If only… or What if….” These feelings are not sequential and can be alternating.

*bereavement please read the following link:


for a better understanding to write your poem.



My Poem


I never understood

Why the good die young

While the dead remain alive

Until there last song is sung.



I never understood

How you could fight so hard

While others play all day

Until they flip over their last card.



I never understood

How my heart bleeds deep

While others run

Running down the street.



I never understood

Why God chose you

As I sit in my window

Watching bullets fly through.



I never understood

What this world’s about

While they look away

I scream and pout.



I never understood

But I guess it doesn’t matter

God said it’s your time

And now my heart is splattered.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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