4 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Well, I can’t tell you HOW to change a copyright date, But I can tell you this: Anything you write is YOURS forever ! It is your ‘Intellectual Property’; unless you sell it, loan it, or trade it away. Once you sell it, it is no longer yours to use. i.e. anything you send to Readers Digest becomes ‘Theirs’ forever and they send you $300. After that they can do anything they want with it.
    On the other hand a ‘real’ copyright has to be registered with the U.S. Government piece by piece. Look in the front of any published book and you will see this. A copyright costs a small amount of money for a small piece and a large amount for a large book.
    Ideas, expressions and developments are not copyrightable. Facts. Ideas and processes are not copyrightable.
    Anything you write is yours! If anyone copies it without your permission– You must prove that you wrote it first. Perhaps a good idea would be to add: ‘The above words (pictures, verse) are the Intellectual Property of _______________ and be done with it.
    Here is another way. Write a copy, date it, put it in an envelope and mail it to yourself. Never open it until you get to court. This establishes your ownership at the date of the postmark.


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