Dr. Phil

Did any of you watch the Dr. Phil show today? It was sad and I got angry at seeing some smiles and laughter in the audience. Scammers on the elderly; this was the topic. I always say if the scammers and cheaters of our world would spend half the time thinking about work as much as they ponder on scamming, we would see many a genius walking around.

I felt bad for the lady. She claimed she loved her husband who had died earlier; but she had not been in love with him. She is 71 years old and before she dies, she wants to be in love.

One of those scammers from another part of the world has got a strong hold on her. Now I should say here that this has not been proven by the show as of yet. There is a part 2 tomorrow afternoon; but even the previews seem to lean on it being a scam, so I don’t want to say scammer for sure. Maybe I should say, possible scam alert!

So this woman who desperately wanted to fall in love finds the perfect man online. Dark  hair, beautiful eyes, so polite. They never meet but through love-talk emails, texts, and phone calls, he somehow manages to get $218,000 from her.

It is so bad, that she even lost her home because she was giving this guy so much money each month she couldn’t keep up her house payments. Her step-daughter was on the show and the dagger words that flew back and forth just about killed me.

It was very hard to decide whether the two ladies were fighting because mom lost all her money, or the daughter had so many items purchased by mom, such as a new updated kitchen, that she was mad because mom had no more money. Like I said, it was hard for me to tell.

The whole thing is sad. To want something so bad, you will give up all you have for someone who may or not exist. Is this what people are thinking when they see no other way out but suicide?

I will watch tomorrow to see if my hunch is right, a scammer on the take. I sure hope this mom and step-daughter can find their way back to each other. If you have an elderly family member or an older neighbor you are friends with, and if they have access to a computer, please, please teach them about the scammers, especially the ones who like to clean house of the elderly.