Dedicated to Rachael


First I want to thank-you

For being you and only you

For all that you do

When I was feeling blue

I wish things worked out

I tried all around and about

It’s going to kill me I say

When I leave here today

You have given me laughs

Taught me new eating crafts

I won’t be smiling you know

And my tears may well show

I just want you to know

That where ever I go

My heart and my love

Will remain close like a dove

I will miss you my child

Through my life thick and wild

Thank-you for being only you

Thank-you for all that you do.

When you get bored and can’t smile

Come see me and visit for a while.

Love, Mom

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




6 thoughts on “Dedicated to Rachael

    • it isn’t easy, not easy at all, but at least they all still love me no matter what rock I am sitting on. Hugs Marilyn. I hear it is hot down there already. Maybe I left at the perfect moment


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