Found a Moment

I found a few moments yesterday to look around my surroundings. I didn’t take the best photos I have taken before; but decided to keep these as they were the first time I noticed what was surrounding me since I moved.

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9 thoughts on “Found a Moment

  1. My dad was sick for one year. Exactly a week after he died, Al had his heart attack then MSA. So for 8 years, I was struggling taking care of my family members. The one thing I insisted on myself doing, was finding one good thing about the day. It may have not been important to anyone else, but it helped me to survive the chaos, doctors, and sadness. Today, a year after Al’s death, I have retained that good habit I started. It doesn’t take long, but I suggest each day, take a moment and look around. Big hugs, lots of love coming your way for you , Ming and Ants.


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