Mother’s Day

Austin 5Austin 6 I went to my one son’s home for a cook-out. It was nice to be there instead of here. I had a real nice time. I chatted with my daughter-in-law and son and got to visit with the grandkids.

They have 2 dogs, Rufus and Rudy. One is a terrier, the other is a Bassett hound. The weather has rained off and on with the sun returning quick, but while the grill was cooking, the sun remained out.

She fixed brats, burgers and hotdogs. I had taken deviled eggs and Pistachio fluff. There was cottage cheese and chips. No one walked away from the table hungry, not even the begging dogs.

I took some photos of my grandkids. I have 11 all together. I could be wrong, but I think I am right. The ones you see here are brothers.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Last evening my other daughter-in-law took me out to AppleBees for supper. I was able to visit with her and her 3 kids. Today, I didn’t have to cook and also received an indoor planted flower, and my daughter from down in KY called me too and we had a nice chat. Her hubby was preparing a surprise supper in her honor as a mother. What ever is was, I am sure it was great. He is a fabulous cook.

Here are some photos of all my grandkids. I am one lucky lady. I have 3 wonderful kids and awesome grandkids!

cheesecakeChristmas daychloeHanna 3DSC00188389619_307849479241114_100000481927912_1296844_1830542532_nAustin 2Austin 3Ashley

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Precious family! You are blessed. I have 9 grand gifts. I must say the first one in the red top is a miniature male image of you. He seems to be the fun loving busy one. I can see a part of you in them all… Make sure they keep it! 🙂


    • Oh thank you! I am so proud of each of these gifts my kids have given me. I think there is a bit of me in their faces too. I hope they grow into nice, adults, full of compassion and life for others


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