Can’t Escape My Camera

For the second time I went to the Senior Center with a friend. I didn’t really want to go but I made myself. I had sugar problems last night and I was tired and just didn’t feel good today. Ever had one of those nights when you slept; but you woke up as if you had not rested?

Well, the seniors played Train Domino, but with the way I was feeling, I didn’t get in on the game. Instead, I played the piano. I took lessons as a kid for 7 years. I was embarrassed because I was quite rusty at the keys. I stopped playing after a bit and went outside and took some photos.

It did my mind good. I was concentrating on nature instead of my body signals telling me it wasn’t one of my better days. I hate my cane. I have been forced to  use it the past three days due to gait problems. Picture it, me, my purse, my cane and my camera. Now that took cordination.

I went back in when the sprinkles of rain started. I banged at the piano again while waiting for lunch to be ready. I always loved the piano and always will. I probably spent a good hour playing.

Afterwards, while eating lunch, one of the people came up and ask me to come back and play again. I smiled, and said I would, even through my rusty playing. She told me it sounded real pretty and loved my church hymns I had chosen to play.

Of course, here are my photos I took this morning.

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9 thoughts on “Can’t Escape My Camera

  1. I loved the pictures! So glad you are out and about with your camera!! But don’t skip the Mexican Train Domino games!! They are addictive – Pretty and Slow play all the time and love it!! 🙂


  2. That leaf needs a little bit of coconut oil on it. I like looking at your photos, nature in action. I especially like the clouds. It spotted a blow up jumper thing the kids play on with the little kingdom gate on it. Shhhh! I’m glad you went out, sometimes we have to push through. I know what you mean by the sugar thingy. It’s annoying. Here is my post with my rose bushes and tree. I’m learning to use my cell phone camera, LOL, boy am I old and slow. – rose bushes —-tree

    Love You with Big Hugs!


  3. glad you were able to get out in spite of your restless night. i’m sure what sounds rusty to you sounds very different to someone who loves to hear music. what a treat!

    hope you are without cane for a few days and feel more rested. sending hugs and love

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    • I played the piano again today, a little smoother and a little more confident. I am using the cane more and more. It is my gait and although I can feel I have muscle in my legs, they feel weak and tremor internal. Big hugs. Hope your day has been good?


      • Oh I like your reasoning. I’m always aware that people wonder what is wrong with me but you see it as a confident woman who knows what she wants. I like that thought, thanks my friend for giving me a different view

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