Do You Know Your Neighbors?

This morning as I was scanning through my FB page, I saw a posting from a friend who was stating how she didn’t feel as safe sitting on her front porch with her coffee as she used to feel.

After visiting FB I went to my emails and I always check my spam box and found another claim wanting you to purchase something I am sure. The claim was, Is your neighbor a criminal?

At first I giggled to myself and then I began to ponder on life’s changes that stood out at me right away. I can remember my dad not locking the garage door and a lot of times he and mom didn’t lock their vehicle doors. I never asked or checked, but was the front and back door locked at bedtime?

Today, even when I am home and it is broad daylight; my doors are locked. Why is this? What has happened? More people moving into neighborhoods, less welcome to your new home parties. I don’t believe nearly as many of us know our neighbors today as we did, 25 years ago. We just don’t take or make the time it seems. When was the last time a neighbor brought over a freshly baked cake when you moved into your new place?

In fact, today that doesn’t happen too often and instead of smiling and being thankful, there are some who may grow suspicious of this welcome action, ponder on the ingredients that are in that cake. Maybe we would take the cake and say a thank-you before shutting the door. Maybe we would then toss it in the trash, or possibly trust on the fact there are still many good people in the world, and eat a slice of it.

I remember when I was little, mom would take us to the store. She needed 1 or 2 items. She would tell us, ” I will only be a minute, don’t fight and sit still”. My mom was a good mom, and us kids thought nothing of it. Can we do that today? Absolutely not! The weirdos that walk the streets, that try to steal our babies right out from under our noses for their own sick satisfaction have made us much more aware of our surroundings. Even for 1 or 2 items, we take our kids with us.

Life has certainly changed. Now you can get an app where you can discover how close a child molester lives to you. Even though it was spam email, I bet you can find out for a price if your neighbor is or was a criminal.

What happened? I don’t know. My simple mind still says we have many more people living in our small neighborhoods, expanding them to the fullest. There are several issues that can be included, which I won’t go into at this point, because it would make this post much longer.

What about your neighborhood? Do you know your neighbors? Do you feel safe day and night?


14 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Neighbors?

  1. good post Terry. 😀 I tried a few years ago to bring cookies to 3 different neighbors and only one answered the door. The others were home but wouldn’t answer. Times have changed.


  2. Funny, When I grew up in Germany I knew the whole street…. When my children were born here in England I knew many neighbours too from walking with the pushchairs etc. Now many of the older people have gone and the new neighbours don’t really talk much and change so often. Still I don’t feel unsafe. I don’t judge them and smile and be friendly when I see them.


  3. I’m thankful to say that we do know our nearest neightbors, and have nodding acquaintance with those a few houses down. I feel safe with my neighbors. But not everyone who drives through my neighborhood is a neighbor, so at night the doors are locked and so are the cars. Sad, but that’s life today.


    • I have to agree with you on the point, that not everyone driving through is a neighbor. I wish some things wouldn’t change, but life does, and locking your house and car doors at night is a very smart thing today. I do the same. So great to chat with you!

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  4. this is an interesting comment on our society as it changes and we ourselves indeed change. when i was young i lived very carefree in a neighborhood where we actually knew all of our neighbors and food was brought back and forth without any concern. after that i lived mostly on bases where we were all friendly and became close quickly knowing that tomorrow we might be moving on.

    although i lock my doors at night and my car doors when we leave this small town i have to say i still believe in the good of people and try to be a good neighbor myself. we leave our garage door open frequently and as far as we know nothing has been taken but not sure we would notice:)

    i do have one of my friends who goes crazy if she comes by and the garage door is open. many years ago i went to pick my son up from work (he was 17), when i came back the door had been kicked open even though it had a locked deadbolt, and my sleeping husband had been shot while he was still in bed. it looked as though he heard the noise and was rising to get his gun at the time. so i guess on one hand i will continue to lock my doors at night, on the other hand it seems if someone has it in their head to do something bad there is not a lot we can do to prevent it.

    i still want to believe in the kindness of people and since that incident i have lived in california and georgia. we have not had any theft or problems in either place. who knows? i guess it just matters what path we are on and what the plan for our life is. i am glad that you stay safe and think it a good idea. maybe my treats to new neighbors have gone in the trash but i won’t stop bringing them in the hope they kindle a new relationship:)


    • I love your attitude. I lived in Germany with my husband who was in the military. I know exactly what you mean by everyone staying close. It is like our own little groups. I was held up at gunpoint one Christmas season at my job. That scared the crap out of me. The story you just told me is horrible and I give thanks to God for watching over us. Because we know communities are growing and we don’t know each other as well as earlier times, I believe it is our responsibility to do what we can to keep ourselves safe. I try to be a good neighbor watch dog and praying doesn’t hurt either. Big hugs!!! lots of love coming your way

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  5. yes…know neighbors on each side and across the street…but, any further??? questionable… since the police visit quite often in our neighborhood now…NEVER used to be like that…
    We had the same conversation just a few days ago…so it’s on a lot of people’s minds!!


    • Too bad we can’t fix things, but bigger than us. The best we can do is watch out for each other in our neighborhoods , lock our doors, and pray for protection from our God

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