EMS/ Diabetes

Well this makes the third time I had my sugars bottom out. I had eaten at noon and then went to the grocery store. Not expecting it and forgetting my blood monitor kit, 2 hours after I ate lunch, my sugar bottomed out inside the store.

I was up at the register line. I grabbed a regular coke bottle and told the girl working there I was not stealing, but my sugars were low. I told her I was going to my car to sit and drink the pop and then I would be back in and run through the register.

Out in my car I drank half of the terrible tasting coke. I waited for about 10 minutes, but I kept feeling worse. I knew I was in trouble. I picked up my cell and dialed 911. When they arrived I believe it had been about 20 minutes total since my bottom out time started.

My sugars were finally back up to 140. I always have those after effects. The tired, shaky feelings that remain. Most times I just want to take a long nap. It so happened that Peggy, a friend of mine saw the EMS and my car and came over.

The EMS techs asked her to stay with me while I paid for my groceries. She did and even followed me home and took my groceries inside for me. I was very thankful and let her know.

My purpose for going to the grocery store was to purchase some food items that I normally don’t. I had bought some bananas, which for me is a no-no in my book. I also did what the EMS techs said to do and bought some ready-made cake frosting.

Once home and my visit was over with Peggy, I called my doctor to let them know what had happened for the third time. They pretty much said I needed to change my diet, but when I asked them what should I change, they told me to look up Diabetes.Org.

I wasn’t real pleased with that answer so I told the nurse my insurance would pay for a diabetic nutritionist and to please make me an appointment. She said she would check with my insurance and contact me tomorrow.

After hanging up with them I did look up the website. There was a phone number and I called. After a lengthy conversation of what I am eating and not they made it very clear I need more carbs in my diet.

All I could think of is no way, I am already too fat. I listened and made my concerns known about weight gain and they talked to me some more about how the balance of food and my medications have to work together. He said if I was concerned about weight gain, he would mail me some information about carbs, diabetes and weight gain.

I told him to please send it. So I gave into his words. I am eating two things I never touch for supper tonight. I am having a grilled chicken on a bun, along with my salad and a half of a banana.

We shall see how my sugars are tonight at bed time. The gentleman on the phone said I could expect my sugars to be up some, but as long as they weren’t over 180 at bedtime, I would be alright, and if they dropped to near 100, to eat a snack. He also said I needed to add 2 snacks on a regular basis, making me eat some type of food every 2 hours.

I am nervous, I don’t want to get any heavier than I am, but I don’t like knowing I could die from my sugars going too low, so for tonight I am trying eating different, more like normal people eat. I will let you know my sugars tonight in tomorrow’s blog