Between Facebook and other social media I have been not so privileged to look at graphic photos and bold statements about police abusing citizens. I have read many comments dealing with defending or criticizing our police.

I can remember when I was a small kid, the schools taught us that the men in uniform were our friends. I learned that if I was ever in trouble, I could look for that policeman and he would keep me protected.

For the very first time I saw actual facts being told on the local news this morning. The story went something like this;

On a city block where mainly colored folks lived, many had been outside visiting with each other. They then noticed a police officer running past their area and he was chasing a suspect.

When the police didn’t gain control over the one running, a female, pregnant bystander started laughing out loud. The police man didn’t like it and came up to the pregnant lady and hit her according to the victim on the news, as hard as he could with his right hand in her stomach.

The pregnant lady is 8 months along. She then stated and had many eye witnesses to the hitting and words that followed some racial slurs. This incident sent the victim to the hospital for 5 hours of observation.

After the policeman stopped talking the victim pointed out the camera up on the building that was recording everything being done. The victim proceeded to let us news watchers understand his next actions.

The victim said the officer became very quiet and had a look on his face that expressed he had really screwed up. His parnter(s) who were standing near by were said to be watching with questions in their eyes on why this officer did and said what he did; but they did nothing to step in.

The newscaster said that they had reached out by phone and text for a comment on the video that captured everything, but no one has responded to them as of yet.

This is the closest I have been to believing that this may really have happened. I don’t know if this and many other episodes is all about being racist, or power over the people, or maybe Satan at work. I don’t have the answers. I will say one thing, with bad people imitating policemen in cars to lure ladies, or beating or hitting any person, and killing with ease;  I would definitely not teach my son or daughter to look for the nice policeman in the blue hat and shirt with the shiny badge; not in today’s world.


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