Poetry Weekly Contest

The cover photo on this page is a granite sculpture by Peter Randall-Page called “Womb Tomb”. (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

You may write a poem in any style or form on living in the womb. An alternative is “going down the hole” since we do not see what lies below or a combination of both.. Post the poem only. Explanation about your poem is permissible. No other photos. Poems with photos will be deleted. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.

Winner will be judged by the most original comments. One person can make many comments but only counts as one comment for winning at the end of the time limit. Your own comments do not count because you cannot judge your own poem. Comments being counted begins on May 19th, 9:30pm if this event was posted earlier than stated date/time.

Contest will be from May 19 until May 26, 9:30 pm. All members are invited to enter this contest. You can add your friends to join. Challenge them.

Administrators may post examples of poems but are not eligible to win. Administrators can like your poems but their comments do not count.

A new prompt will be posted every week. Winner will be posted on the main group page.



Within my walls

I can without thinking

Hide from those who may

Ridicule or laugh at me,

Afraid to come out

Fear of my own shadow.

Oh, don’t misunderstand

I have tried once before.

They pointed, they gawked

At how I looked different.

Some whispered

Asking my illness,

I looked at myself

I didn’t see what they saw.

I crawled back inside,

I withered in spirit.

The pain from their words

Remains locked in my heart

The key lost in my soul

Forces me to stay where I am

Here in the safety

Of the womb tomb.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





5 Photos, 5 Stories, 5 Days Photo Challenge, Day 2


This is the second day of the 5 photos, 5 stories, 5 days photo challenge. Vivi gave me this challenge. It consists of; “The challenge is to just “post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”


I also want to pass this to another blogging friend, so they may have some extra fun in their blogging world. I would like to pass it to; babyjill7…Marilyn Griffin



Smiling, I remember

Bare footed

Hot days

Summer boredom

Mom would notice

Outside she would go

Hooking up the hose

Sprinkler in hand

Squeals of delight

As I ran through

The rainbow

Of water droplets

Mom standing near

Clapping her hands

As the two of us

Looked at each other

There were matching smiles

All on a hot summer day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd