5 photos, 5 days, 5 stories

This is the 4th day of the photo challenge Vivi gave to me. One more day to go and then the fun is over for this.

dad 6YOU


I’ve thought a lot about you

Especially this time of year

When normally we’d party

And put on your birthday gear.


Your birthday came and went

No smiles could be seen

No mention of your name

Although you know you are with me.


I went to the store today

I bought some flowers of red

The same color as coca cola

Now I’ll lay them at your head.


I miss you brother dear

I’m jealous they all have you

I know you are the party

In heaven for all you do.


I love you still dear brother

Happy Anniversary for 1 year of being free of Multiple System Atrophy.

Love, Terry, (Sis)

Don’t forget your promise to save a spot for me.


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