You think like me

We sound alike

You live there?

Oh not me.

See that place

Way over there?

No way, no way!

I was raised, I swear

The blue house on Pike St.

Oh my gosh, my house next door

How could that be?

They told me I was

One of two

Am I like you

Are you me

They said I was

A twin, but nothing else

We hugged so tight

You sound like me

We think alike

You are the one

My other half.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Gossip Kills

Getting more involved with new people has a lot of good points. Staying home also offers something you don’t get when you are out, protection against your own thoughts. Being out in the world I have an advantage of seeing how people’s minds think. Hearing different opinions shows me we are all definitely unique in our own way.

Although we are all human, and we learn the same steps from birth, is there a difference between us so distinct that we can place some on shelves and allow others to roam free?

What I mean is, didn’t we all come from within a womb? Is it not true that we all learned to smile, then giggle, sit, crawl and walk about the same ways? When did it happen, you know, the noticeable changes in each other?

When did we learn that it is a good thing to point out, or comment on another human form something not so nice? I find it very interesting that whether we are raised in the country, go to church or not, profess to be this or that, gossip kills.

When you are in a room of people, do you get a natural high, sitting or standing in on a conversation where maybe one of your own friends is the target of gossip? Do you stand in and join the laughter; or do you back away, and leave the group? Or better yet, do you stand up for your beliefs and defend the one being talked about?

I am not referring to those who are talked about such as so and so is in the hospital. I wonder what happened. I am referring to those who have  nothing good to say. Who take nothing and bake it into a huge mess.

The talk could be so simple as that color of dress she had on or how short or long it was, to a more complex situation where the color of the skin or the area that they live is becomes something to be judged.

I judge, I try not to; but sometimes my tongue wiggles before I realize what I have done. I know God wouldn’t approve, so I try not to do it. I think gossip is something that goes on every day in every life; but what about those times when it seems to take over, and it becomes uncomfortable to be in the same room. Even worse, what happens and what do we do when the one who is poking the fruit is a friend of ours?

God says we are all created equal. Sometimes  we can possibly point out someone who looks so similar, we would think they are a twin, and yet there are many differences.

I took some photos this morning and I want to post them here for all of you to see and study. What do you see? Are there similarities in each photo? Is each unique? Do you recognize the common denominator of the entire group of photos? The one photo that stands alone that seems to have no group to belong to, is me. The silhouette, is me, who stands alone in this photo, and yet very similar to you who walk beside me on this earth.

Do you or I deserve to be disrespected in any way? Is it not true that we all have something about us that stands out, that we are proud of? The thing I am pointing out here in this post is we all are so darn fascinating, so awesome and beautiful. We are created in God’s image and we all know how fantastic God is. So the next time we think for a moment to say something bad or gossip to another, stop, don’t do it, because gossip kills.

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