Today, I spent a couple of hours at a local auction. It was an antique auction and I knew it would be a big one and draw a large crowd; which it did. I can’t handle the gigantic crowds anymore. I don’t know if it is because of Al’s illness and death and I am a little off my normal anymore, or maybe I should blame it on getting older.

Anyways, I love antiques. I definitely don’t need anymore. Before moving from Kentucky back to Indiana, I sold so much stuff. Things with really no attachment, but items I really loved. So, I went with the idea that maybe I could pick up a small thing or two. After all, an apartment is not one that can hold a lot of extras.

I love dolls, which I got rid of all of them but found this doll today that no one seemed interested in. I knew it was worth something. The darkened arms and legs with the whiter head made me aware it was an Ideal,Magic Skin doll. It went so cheap, I couldn’t resist it. When I took it to the car, I shook it a little because if I was thinking right; this doll was a crier doll. Guess what? The crier inside it’s body still works. No damages, no fingers or toes missing. I got a real deal.

I also collect Shakers. These are the larger bottles that hold spices. They are getting a little harder to find and I got lucky on these also. I bought a pair of green ones with good lids much cheaper than the antique stores sell them for.

I was happy. When I left, I was smiling and I knew I had got a great bargain today.



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  1. Dont want too see people much at all,i dont want themlooking at me .Iam embarassed for them.Iused to love being anywhere with lots of people,now i cannot bear it .I talk quitely and stammer and i have tremmor on my right side .You know the rest Terry.I am still here fighting to stay alive as long as i can.I love the fact you had a bargain today precious Terry.Now other than my wonderful family ,you are the only person i talk to.It is getting so difficult to communicate .Sometimes i dont know who or where i am.Istill think of Al and you whenever my mind comes back,from the horrendous journeys it takes me on.Phisicaly and mentaly exhausted,hurting so much ilook forward to seeing your writings and messages.Al and yourself and what you went through prior to his death have gave me an insight into the dark spiteful .vicious ways this monster kills you from within. .My body and my brain have almost given their all,and i am so ill,keep writing and thinking of Al.You know our love and hearts are always there with you.We wish you nothing but the best Terry,especially for your patience and kindness you have shown me and others.May your God protect you from all evil in our world and love and cherish you for the sweet angel that you are. Michael .


    • No one that I speak or write to touches my heart more than you Michael. I would give anything , just anything to be there with you and for you. To just hold your hand, bring some small comfort, to only let you know I care and I understand. You have been a warrior my friend. The strength inside of you, is very strong. I hate this disease as much as you do and pray that soon, any day they will open the doors to find a cure. You, dear friend, are always in my heart. May I say something without embarrassing you? I love you dear friend. I may not be there in person, but in spirit, I am right beside you. My email is When days are tough and you want to talk to someone please write to me. Big hugs


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