Thank-You for the Award, Johanne  Johanne has been kind enough to give me an award called the Versatile Blogger Award. Johanne is a wonderful person and has been a blogging friend of mine for quite a long time.

Here is a part of who this awesome lady is. To read more about her post, I suggest you go to her link I provided above and pay her a visit.

My name is Johanne and I am  a mother of two beautiful boys and blessed to be married to someone I love very much.   I work full-time as an office manager and as time permits I dabble in photography, writing, thrifting, garage sale hunting and vintage shopping.    My husband and I are very busy managing our time with the many activities of a busy family life.   I have a profound hearing loss which renders me essentially deaf, however, the disability makes life interesting and at times challenging but my deafness also adds humour making it easy to laugh at myself.  I find pleasure in the most simplest things in life;  the smell of flowers, the laughter of my children, the smell of a brand new puppy or the sight of a glorious rainbow after a shower.  Hopefully, this blog will give me the freedom and creativity to jot down the many random thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis and share the many simple pleasures that make me smile.


I am supposed to tell you 10 random things about me but most of you know pretty much all there is to know; but for those newer followers I will admit to a few things.

1. I do my craziest thinking while sitting on the toilet. Some of my best stories that you seem to like are while I am in the lady’s room, lol

2. I used to not go out of the house without hair done and make-up on. Now that I am peaking to Senior Citizen years, I can refer to the saying from the classic movie, Gone with the Wind, frankly,, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  I guess I am not out to impress anyone with my looks. You either like me or not.




3. I love to write poetry. I am in the process of putting all my written poems into a book to publish.

4. I have written and published 2 books.  A. Dahlia   ,   B.  Al his life and MSA.

5. I can be pretty quiet at times, but get me with a good group of people and I can laugh til I pee my pants.


I would like to nominate a very dear friend of mine. Marilyn is a gifted artist and works with challenged adults. At this time in her life she is facing new challenges. She is strong and for this reason, I want her to have this award.




An Orchestra of Nature

Spring is almost over and summer is about to begin. I have lived down south where there is no change in the weather for the most part, and I have lived in southern, central KY, where there is some change.

Here in Indiana there is definitely change. We grow anxious for each season to arrive. I have to admit, I missed these changing seasons when I lived away from here. Have you ever sat outdoors in the evenings during this time of year and really paid attention to the noise surrounding you?

Nature, the sounds of  nature are as beautiful as any orchestrated piece of music. Here where I live is considered definitely city life, but in my back yard I get the small view of country and green leaves and trees. Many trees line my property and I enjoy sitting and listening to the sounds.

The sounds I hear are:

The tree frog, which  can be seen about anywhere around my house. It has suction feet and can sit on my window or the siding of the house. He has even been seen in my gutters. This is what they sound like. green tree frog





Then there is the sound and beautiful birds, the Robins.

robin bird






Another nature critter I enjoy watching is the Lightening Bug. It makes no sound that I no of, but oh boy, do I have the memories of being a kid and making bracelets and rings out of them. Of course mom and dad didn’t teach me that it was wrong to harm these bugs, and I no longer destroy them. I just love to watch them fly at night.

lightening buglighted lightening bugOf course in the day and evening there are the sounds of the crickets. I have used them for fishing bait, but I would rather sit outside at dusk and listen to them chirp.







These are some of my favorite sounds in the Spring and Summer evenings. What do you enjoy listening to?






Multiple System Atrophy Friends

.- Following the Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima this morning, the Holy Father greeted pilgrims in seven different languages and delivered a special message of encouragement and hope to all who are ill.  In offering their suffering to Jesus, he called them to find “interior peace and even spiritual joy.”

The Holy Father’s words came after Mass and just before he processed through the crowd with the Most Holy Sacrament.

Addressing the “dear brothers and sisters who are sick,” he said that through Christ’s Passion “in all human suffering we are joined by one who experiences and carries that suffering with us; hence consolation is present in all suffering, the consolation of God’s compassionate love – and so the star of hope rises.”

He added that it is through hope that one can “leave behind the quicksand of illness and death and stand on the firm rock of divine love.

“In other words, you can overcome the feeling of the uselessness of suffering which consumes a person from within and makes him feel a burden to those around him when, in reality, suffering which is lived with Jesus assists in the salvation of your brethren.”

This is possible through the divine power that comes in the midst of human weakness, he explained.

This the “paradox of the Gospel,” the Pope continued, in which Jesus preferred to say, “take up your cross and follow me” instead of explaining why suffering exists.

In this way, “as you gradually embrace your crosses,” uniting yourselves spiritually to His, “the salvific meaning of suffering will be revealed to you,” Pope Benedict told them.

“In suffering, you will discover an interior peace and even spiritual joy.


I know it is Sunday morning and I should be in church, but I am not. I, instead am here writing on my blog. I remember so  many Sunday mornings, when mom would come to my door and knock and announce it was time to get up and get ready to go to church.

I would do it, but my thoughts always went towards the number 3 door; which held all of my friends. I would think about what we were going to giggle and talk about. My how things change in life. There is still a simplicity about life, but we choose too many times to make it harder and bigger than it really is.

I bounced back and forth going to church through most of my young, adult years. Even when my marriage fell apart, I didn’t look to the heavens in order to get through the painful months. I preferred to take life into my own hands.

The ups and downs became bigger than it should have been because I was directing my life. Have any of you discovered that for the most part leading your own life and following your own rules has truly brought you that inner peace? Aren’t many days today led by rush and work of many hours, followed by stress that seems bigger than life itself?

It wasn’t until Al, my brother fell ill those seven years, that I finally got on track. It was difficult; I am not going to lie. Many days and nights I wanted to take over. Patience is not one of my highlights in my life.

It finally happened when my heart and soul connected with another human being. I began to feel Al’s pain. When he cried, so did I.  I began to look for one good thing in my day. I began to pray more as I became tired in spirit, that God would get me through the next years.

I didn’t realize that I was learning life’s most valuable lesson; which is to lean not on thine own understanding, but to turn to God and to turn every part of my life to God. It was this that led me to a deeper understanding of how God could work in my life.

I see the miracles that he has performed in my life, when at one time I thought  miracles meant a new car, or unexpected money in my hands. I made many mistakes and will make many more to come.

I just want to simply say, today my head and heart are turned towards you God, and to you, my friends.  I want to bring a comforting word. I want you to know that I care. I want you to realize that my spirit is with you no matter where you live.

I love you my friends. Thank-you for chatting with me. Thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.