Heart of Gold Type of Guy

I heard this song today in my car on the way home from the doctor. I thought about my own heart. Was it gold? Definitely not, but I try to remain in good thoughts. How does one speak of thine own self without others thinking, that girl is just bragging or hung up on herself? No, I am definitely not hung up on myself. Nor do I brag. I don’t think there is anything about me worth bragging. On the other hand I do think I try to be helpful, and pleasant in life. I don’t try to use people. After I thought of that for a while I became a little embarrassed thinking about myself that much. I then realized that is the kind of guy I have been searching for out there in the world. A guy who thinks of others before himself. A heart of gold type of guy. Know of anyone like this who isn’t married? lol,,, no, I don’t spend any quality time searching for guys like I used to. I finally figured that if God wants me to have a companion, he will throw him in front of my face. Oh well, off that subject and back to life today. You all have a great day  in this hot and humid weather! Talk to you soon!!


2 thoughts on “Heart of Gold Type of Guy

  1. funny you should mention how hard it is to talk about yourself. this is the place to talk about you, we care about you and what is going on in your life. i am your friend. the only chance i have to hear how you are is by this connection we have here.

    it has also been hard for me to talk about myself. i finally came to the point where i was able to reconcile that the point was to share my life and how i wanted it to end with dignity.

    as far as a companion you have to put yourself out there. so get yourself out there and see what happens.

    sending love and hugs

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    • I try to put myself out there, when the opportunity arises. I smile and try not to smell too stinky, lol. As far as speaking about me, I hear ya, but it is so much easier to speak of others who need me, but I will try for you, my friend, to do better. Love and bunches of hugs


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