The Crows

I have my own theory about crows and have had my thoughts proven twice in my own life. It haunts me a little for the fact that when I moved into my new place, the backyard is full of cackling crows all morning.

When I go to the Senior Center and go outside to smoke, the past 2 days, the crows are thick and louder than ever. I hope they are not a sign for me. I am not ready for anymore sad news.

Here is one I was lucky enough to have sit still long enough to capture.

black bird

Oh This Humidty

I never had this problem, even a year ago, but I guess now that I am over the big 60, things are going to bother me more, and this year, the humidity is the culprit. It feels like the humidity gets in my bones in my arms. Oh how they ache. I rub and rub and the pain still remains. Go away humidity.

I couldn’t sit and concentrate on my pain so I looked for things to occupy my mind. I took these few photos today. It helped a little. It helps much more being able to share them with you.

antsants 2ants 3ants 4ants 5ants 6Top to bottom;

1. I found a mass of working ants.

2. Some of the Seniors today during exercise class.

3. A squirrel running for his life

4. One lonely ant.

5. Some deep, green trees

6. An airplane flew over me.

Hope you enjoyed these.