Say You Will


I gave it all to you

You said, you promised

If I could just show my love

We’d be married, say I do.

You said it was the right thing to do

To not give, you’d walk a way

You laid me down, started out slow

Then pain seared my loins, I cried out to you.

You stood up, you looked down at me

Your eyes turned to ice then you laughed

I laid there ashamed of what I had given

Innocence  gone, to never redo.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Special Olympics, Warsaw, Indiana

Here in my home town of Warsaw, Indiana, I was able to interview Jerry Davis, who was one of the athletes this year for the Special Olympics. The event was this entire past weekend in Terre  Haute, Indiana. There were 35 athletes an 15 coaches from this area that attended.

Jerry came home with a medal from playing Bocce Ball. He was so proud of his award. When he wasn’t participating in one of the events he enjoyed visiting the tent sales. If he saw someone needing a push of their wheelchair, Jerry was right there to lend a hand and some strong muscle.

Jerry was sad the weekend came to an end and is already looking forward to the next event.