One Bunny, Two and More?

Well today I went to the Senior Center, but I left early. Seems to be what I do lately, leave functions. There was an episode that happened that bothered me too much. I won’t go into details, let’s just say that rules need to be bended sometimes for those who make infrequent visits to a new place.

After leaving there I had an appointment at 2; but called and asked if there was an earlier time open as I had a different schedule. The answer was yes so I hopped over to where I will be working and finished the paper work.

Tomorrow I meet the manager over several offices. If she agrees with this local office, then I believe I start Monday, so keep your fingers crossed that she thinks I am someone worthy of having in the Warsaw office. Other wise, I guess it is back to the drawing board for me.

When I came home I stripped down to the basic outfit. It is hot and muggy. I flipped on the air and it is now cooling down. I went outdoors to smoke a cigarette and saw the rabbit eating some wild grass. Of course I had to get her picture.

I played with the pictures and hopefully made it look like I saw a whole family of rabbits. What do you think? For any of you camera buffs out there, if it isn’t a good photo, any suggestions?

rabbitrabbit 2rabbit 3rabbit 4

6 thoughts on “One Bunny, Two and More?

  1. one thing worth checking out is the special settings on you camera, usually you will find either a sports/action option or a multiple shot option where you hold your finger on the button and it takes a few shots in sucession, both options can be good when it comes to animals


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