First Day of Work

Hello friends, I am just checking in.

I had a wonderful weekend. It didn’t start out on a good foot. In fact, I was a little leery my Parkinson’s would ruin my good times to come the next couple of days; but thankfully, that bad day only lasted that day. The rest of the weekend was sunny skies, beautiful temperatures and hours that went by way too fast.

We went shopping and my girlfriend and I found some awesome deals. We had lunch at Applebee’s. We went to an antique store among other cool places. I couldn’t believe it when Saturday night rolled around and I realized my trip would be over the next day.

I slept like a baby at nights there. It must be the great mattress I slept on. I just knew my mattress is losing its shape and maybe too, I stayed up later and was dead tired, but that’s alright, I wanted to squeeze every moment I could chatting.

I arrived home  yesterday and didn’t do a whole lot. I got things around for this morning, my first day at work. I was a little nervous when I turned that door knob to walk into my first day at work.

I need not have been though. Everyone smiled and said hello. I learned or am learning I should say the computer system they use. I was able to enter people into the system by the time I left at the end of my shift.

As soon as I got home, off those shoes came. The good clothes stripped off and comfy clothes for the rest of the evening. I am tired. I am used to napping and I didn’t do that. I could tell that I haven’t worked in some time as I am wore out. I refuse to say my PD is a part of this or maybe the fact I am getting older. My work schedule is enough for me.

When I walked in my front door the aroma of BB chicken was luring me to the kitchen. I put this all in the crock pot before I left this morning, so supper will be a cinch. I just have to add my side and veggie and clean-up will be a piece of cake.

Oh the word cake, yummy. I am a sucker for cake with buttercream icing. It’s a good thing I don’t have any here to tempt me.

Well, off I go. I need to do things I would normally do throughout the day. It is nice to be back, but I am anxious to see my friend once again and hope I don’t have to wait to long to give her a hug.