The Inner Vision

Blinded by the light, he saw nothing. Screaming and bombs going off all around him. He prayed; he prayed that he may see light again. He thought of his wife of only 2 years. Even through the darkness he could see her tears flowing down her cheeks as the minister announced he could kiss his bride. The tiny grip that held fast around his finger. The smell of new life still lingered in his nostrils. Peach fuzz softer than anything he had ever touched.  His baby girl; a product of the love he had for his wife. He could see the smiling faces of the two who had raised him. The gentle squeeze of his mother’s slender fingers and the grip that rested on his shoulders from his father as they waved goodbye. He could still see her pulling a white hankie from her purse and dabbing at her tears and the arms that wrapped around her trying to soothe away the pain from watching their son get on the dull-green bus. Someone tugged at his shirt. “Are you ok buddy? Are you ok”? This was the last words he remembered as he sunk into a darkness he had never visited before. He never felt his helmet being pulled off. He never saw the tears that were shed when the soldier took in all of the injuries. He never knew that he had been pulled back out of gunshot. He never knew the risk that had been taken to save a life. Coolness came over him. Strange voices muttered amongst the room as his mind became aware he was not dead. . He was alive. He had been rescued. It was over and he was on his way home. Two voices he recognized; mom and dad’s. A familiar hand rested upon his hand and he instantly knew it was his wife. They were close. He could smell their familiar scent. Old Spice, his dad; Timeless, his mother; Musk, his wife. Where was his daughter? He wanted to hear a scream, a cry, a giggle, anything? Was she alright? Someone’s cold hand moved his eye lid open. Soft-spoken words coming from the background. There has been no change. The swelling on the brain has not come down. Blindness will be permanent, but he has everything else. This is one lucky son-of-a-bitch to have gotten out of that spot alive. Blindness, permanent, those two words stung in his heart and burned in his mind. He would never see again. He could hear crying. He could hear noses being blown. He could hear soothing words coming from his father as he tried to comfort the family. A baby cried and as the sound neared he heard his wife say, ” I want Grace to be with her daddy, just one more time”. He screamed but no one heard him. He shouted at the top of his mind, ” I am not dead! See me! I am not dead! I am alive”. No one seemed to hear him. He lay there still, listening to the sounds around him, taking in the visions in his mind of yesterdays gone by.

A Day of Shock


Things are changing in my life. It is getting more difficult to move and my steadiness is pretty unsteady. I have given notice to my landlord and to my work place. I will be moving in to my daughter’s home in Kentucky at the end of August.

Two days ago at work, my boss; during a very busy few minutes, came up to where my trainer and I were sitting entering the several people standing in line wanting to see case workers.

I sit right beside my trainer so she can watch me for mistakes and correct them before damage is done. My boss said to my trainer, that I was not to be on the computer any longer since I had given notice.

I was shocked and frightened to hear this because I struggle daily to do my job. I like sitting at the computer entering data because there is barely any walking involved. When I over heard this I became worried.

When the crowd disappeared I stepped back from the computer and went to the boss. I asked her if I had heard her right and she said yes. She said she was going to train me on something new and I asked why.

With no reply I voiced my opinion which must have been a bad thing. I told her I didn’t see any purpose in training me for 10 hours, which is what I had left. I told her I preferred to spend those last ten hours at the computer because I knew I could handle it.

Obviously she didn’t like it and when I went in to work this morning, the second boss called me into the private office and told me because of my health issues, they were not going to hold me until Friday of this week, which was to be my last day. They were letting me go today.

I was upset and humiliated because I have never been let go from a job; plus I knew the boss must have not like me telling her my thoughts. Maybe I was wrong, maybe not, but it is over. I was sent home.

Now here I sit at the computer which is mine writing this. I guess I can start separating and packing what I will be taking with me to my daughter’s and what I am going to be parting with a day early.

I don’t feel any better after writing this and I  hoped I would. I have learned a valuable lesson. Keep my mouth shut. Do what others ask; even if I have fears or opinions. The good things that came from this job is my new experience with data entry and the fact that on my chart it states clearly that I was released from my job due to health reasons.



You may write in any style or poetic form a poem about a funny or funniest valentine.



Seasons have passed by

I still wipe my eyes

My memories fresh

When I look at the dress

The one I wore

When you opened the door

Your eyes got big

Bigger than a rig

You walked towards me

Wanting to see

But instead you fell

Over Billy’s pail

I gasped and said

Are you okay dear Fred?

You stood up and shook

You threw a book

It landed on

A playing song

Domino effect took over

Almost killing Rover

I couldn’t help giggle

As you stood and wiggled

Trying to sustain a face

That was white as paste

The mood was gone

Silence replaced the song

We stared at the room

Now dressed in gloom

Then reaching out

We both showed pouts

We sat on the bed

Leaning head to head

Then giggles came

There was no shame

I will never forget that kiss

The chaos, the bliss

Of that Valentine’s Day

Or the way it played.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






Sun shining through the leaves

Grass greener than remembered

Swings rocking gently calling me

Those were the days.



Children jumping rope

Giggles fill the air

Tommy fell from the swing

Those were the days.


Bikes whizzing by my eyes

Horns and buzzers sound

Teeter totters up and down

Those were the days.


I hear a voice calling out

The words once used for me

Lunch is ready, come on in

Those were the days.


I sit on the swing with naked toes

I write my name in the sand

I look around and wish once more

For those wonderful, good old days.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






A thought, a word

Can excite and stir up

More feelings than about

Anything else in the world.

A memory, a face, a smile

Brings memories flooding

Back, forcing you to stop

Dead in your tracks.

Children and grandkids

Giggles and looks, all

Take me to a place

Where I once belonged.

A Grandmother’s mind

Becomes obsessed with

All the loves in her life.

Rocking or resting she

Thrives on what once was

And smiles to herself, wishing

She could pack every moment

And take it with her to into the depth of the earth.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd











I Like Today!

Oh how I wish every day was like today. I woke up in a good mood. I had mild tremors instead of butterflies. A dull headache from the crazy weather; but I was feeling the best I have in many days. I wish for at least one more like it please.

I went out for a while this early evening. I took some photos. I miss my camera when my tremors are out of whack, so I had a great time revisiting nature. Here are the few photos I was able to take. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I loved taking them.

eveningevening 2evening 3evening 4



Is change a good thing?

Do you rebel against it?

Hold your arms open wide?

Take it bit by bit?


Do you pout with lower lip?

Does sadness seem the word?

Do you look up to the skies

Are you jealous of the birds?


What if you can’t help it?

What if it can’t be fixed?

Do you try a different angle

Do you spread legs with hands on hips?


For me, I do not like it

I don’t accept it well

I think for days about it

Then finally I ring the bell.


“Hello God, I have a question

I really don’t understand

I thought I was doing better

Have helped all over the land”?


Then God bowed his head and said

With a smile upon his face

” I know you don’t understand child

The way the world changes place


But I chose you of all the others

Because I knew that you could do

What ever I placed upon your heart

Because you love me and I love you”.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


center 22




Life seems smooth

No questions asked

When suddenly you are shaken

And you look back on your past.


You scratch your head

You wrinkle your brow

You see your book

Holy cow!


A pebble on your path

Turns from small to rock

You try taking it in

You sit and take stock.


No one promised

Life would be grand

The fairy tales  suck

Of the Never Lands.


You rise from the floor

You take one step then another

A tear falls from heaven

And you’re touched by your mother.


She smiles down at you

She wraps you in love

She knew this would happen

From way up above.


An illness appears

Out of nowhere you saw

Your thoughts turn ahead

You cry out with a call.


You pray for the first time

With humble, bowed head

You stand up and look

While tears you do shed.


Then God reaches down

And grabs hold of you

A feeling of warmth

Embraces all that you do.


He whispers so soft

Words of knowledge you need

He says, “it is time

You have done such good deeds.


I looked through my books

Of things I could choose

I don’t want to hurt you

But I don’t want to lose.


I want you to live

But I need you here

So I picked this disease

So please don’t fear.


I will allow you to breathe

I will allow you some time

But when all is over

You will want to be mine.”