A Day Off or Should I Have Worked?

Wow, a day off and cleaning is the menu for today. Is this right? Is this normal? lol. I usually tidy up every day, but now with leaving the house for a job, I am forced to stay home part of the day. Oh well, life goes on, right?

I spent all morning scrubbing the bathroom, dusting the house, cleaning the kitchen, placing things back in order, gathering trash for the early pick-up date tomorrow because of July 4th. Recycle bin full, and have to empty that and all is well, smelling good and done.

I was getting the trash gathered when I spotted a big, fat Robin out back. Hurrying to grab my camera before she flew away, I managed to capture her standing proud.

Now shower time and off to the lake to meet my daughter-in-law to capture a bit of new memories of my grandchildren. Next to Walgreens to return an item I didn’t care for. The grocery store for a few, hopefully, items I need. I am bad about adding a few more items to the bucket.

Tomorrow at 7am, I will be heading out the door to the Neurologist appointment I have for 7:30. Whoa, that is early. I think I will stop through a drive-thru afterwards and grab breakfast and then off to work I go.

I am off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What shall I do? I have plans to go to the Moose Friday evening. The rest of the weekend I hope to try out my new camera lens I purchased; that is if it arrives tomorrow as scheduled.

Well folks, that is what I did on my day off. What do you do on your days off? Off to the shower to become sparkle clean once again. By the way, several moons ago, this July 4th, I have birth to a beautiful baby boy, what are some of your better memories of this particular  holiday?

robin 5