I wonder if God gives us things to think about

When the fear we face is so powerful and stout.

I wonder if he throws petty problems smack in our face

So we deter from what’s  happening in our little space.

Is it right that we look away from our biggest fears

Maybe helping someone else, we’ll shed our own tears.

It isn’t easy, not easy at all, when you hear those soft words

Listening to truth, hits a spot, makes our minds almost blurred.

We feel it, we stir thoughts around, causing us to tumble straight to the ground

We argue, we fight, this just can’t be true; is anyone listening, anyone around?

Do we cry, do we scream, do we kneel down and pray

Do we wish it upon others, thus ruining their day?

I wonder how this could be part of the plan

Issues so big, happen all over the land.

We get up from the floor, we stand on our feet

We force ourselves to smile, the next day we shall greet.

We look in the mirror and wipe away the stale tears

We try to look forward but see only past years.

We promise ourselves we will be hopeful and strong

But somehow I can’t help remembering those old silly songs.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd