i went to the Moose tonight, but things happen and had to come home sooner than planned. I stayed outside for awhile, trying to take a few photos and fight off the mosquitoes. I wasn’t out there long until every mosquito thought I was their snack.

I took these photos and just want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. Let freedom ring!!!!



A Day Off

Today is the fist day of a three-day weekend. What was I going to do with myself? It isn’t like I have been working for so long that I forgot what it is to be home each day. I suddenly got a little sad and lonely.

I had some health  news yesterday that I didn’t care for. I will tell you that I was definitely without question diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. It wasn’t so shocking. I guess I was sort of wondering if I could be next in line since four family members prior to me had it.

There is a big part of me that doesn’t want to think about it. I don’t even want to deal with it. It could play a major part in my life or maybe just annoying. I don’t want to deal with this any my diabetic neuropathy at the same time. It is almost too much. I know I have think about it, but not right now.

I decided to get the hell out of the house for a while. I am working in an office and not wearing scrubs or common clothing as in health care. Carson’s was having a sale on top of a clearance sale; so I got dressed and headed out there. My girlfriend that I visited last weekend helped me out with some clothing, but I needed a few more pieces, or at least I thought.


I made sure I ate a snack before leaving so I wouldn’t have to deal with low sugars. I had a great time and for an hour, I forgot about the doctor. I found a cute pair of sandals that I can wear to work. I found a set of summer sheets for less than $17.00, that had been $50.00.

I purchased 2 pairs of summer pants. Capri’s, one is white and the other pair is black. I found a few shirts to match. I then ran to another store and invested in a new mattress cover. Mine was getting shot and with being older, I want the best sleep possible.

I made a single purchase  at another store this past week. Something I can treasure forever and ever. I guess when you know you are ill, you try to do a little, tiny bit of splurging, because we all know that illness means money spent for things doctors recommend.

I came home and proudly tried on my shoes and clothes. I felt different. I felt pretty. The one pair of white pants I bought have huge bling on the back pockets. I can’t help myself, I am wearing them to the Moose tonight.

Well, now that excitement is back to normal, on to other things; but I will treasure this past week for all times. Independence is something we all take for granted. You never know when you may hear words that might interfere with your livelihood, so you want to make sure you say no when need be, live life and give thanks for being able to get up out of bed today.

Well, off to take a wee nap before I leave. I can take a nap after I get home from work, but thus far I have not. I miss those resting times though. I feel much more tired, and my tremors definitely kick in when I am tired. So see you soon everyone. Have a great fourth of July, if you celebrate, and take note of all the good in your day today.

mammath cave 3A photo of Mammoth Cave I took when I was living near my beautiful daughter.