Don’t say you won’t

When life is too unknown.

Don’t use the word never

It really isn’t clever.

Don’t assume a thing

Look beyond the sparkly bling.

Life can be mapped, I know

But life can throw a blow.

I’ve said it many times

Then fell between the lines.

Our paths don’t run too straight

There is room for some mistakes.

What I am saying, is say each day

Give thanks, kneel down and pray.

Ask God what you can do

Ask him to be his tool.

Look for ways to be polite

Don’t think in colors of black and white.

For all we have is now

Don’t brag or take a bow.

Our lives can change so quick

The hours, the minutes tick.

Turn and look around

Leave nothing on the ground.

Do all you can and more

Don’t block any unopened doors.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


bling 2bling




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