Saturday With Family

Yesterday, early evening I met my son and his family at the lake for some picture taking. I had a great time with them. I forgot about everything else and all I could see was the cute smiles and playful attitudes.

After we were finished we all went to Culver’s for some ice-cream. I think the kiddies really enjoyed their treats. When I arrived home, my son and family came over and picked me up and we went for a ride on their golf cart. He took us on a trail that lasted about five hours. I had a wonderful time and when they said they would take me again, I said great! can’t wait!

These are the kind of weekends I love. I spent part of the weekend doing things in the house I needed to and running errands, so having a play-time among the work was great. I also spent about an hour on my new class I am taking; Microsoft, the total program. Work is wanting me to learn this so I can become certified and teach others. Well, here are the photos I took. After this post is final, it is off to the shower and getting things around for another day of work.

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