A Day in the Neighborhood

This past weekend my girlfriend came and picked me up to go to her house. I realize it is not that easy for her to do. The back issues from sitting in the car, the over-bearing heat of this past couple of days, gas and miles on the car. She is pretty terrific to do that.

When I arrived home yesterday, Sunday, I was tired; but then again, when am I not tired anymore. I pretty much rested on my bed and watched TV except for potty breaks and fixing a bite to eat for supper.

This morning it was back to work. I woke up feeling the best I had felt in over a week. Bubbly, outlook was great. I was very thankful. When I arrived at work, I had no problem  opening the heavy, outer door. A lot of times I tug and tug, because the Parkinson’s causes me to be so weak.

Today, I thrust it open and walked in with a smile. I was great until about lunch time. Suddenly the tiredness trickled back in. I began getting the electric shocks in my right fingers again. When I get those, they remain for  hours, so even though I am home now, my finger feels like someone bashed it.

I didn’t really have any tremors today; which was nice. When I got up out of my seat to come home, I strained a little. Lately when I start to rise, I look like a yo-yo, where the owner can’t make up his mind to let the string down or pull it up. I can bounce up and down a couple of times before my legs finally hold me up steady. I get terribly embarrassed although I realize I can’t help it.

Although the physical work is not difficult, there is something about the job that stirs my Parkinson’s up. I don’t know what is causing it, but I wish I didn’t work, and I wish I could rest when I feel the need to rest. At this point, rest is the best medicine I have been able to get a hold of.

I pray tomorrow is different; I will be optimistic, but I won’t fool myself because I am quickly learning; Parkinson’s has a mind of its own.

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9 thoughts on “A Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Terry – Parkinson’s does indeed have a mind of its own. Do you have a Parkinson’s Support Group that might be able to give you some tips on how to handle some of your symptoms. I well understand the tiredness. It comes with my nerve disease. I also understand the getting up from a sitting position – that comes from my disease – but if I remain inactive – that only makes it worse. Be good to yourself my friend.

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    • Thanks Sheri. Every time I go to therapy it fails. My tremors go crazy and I have pain and set backs. I have internal tremors which seem different from my brother. Although I may add here that therapy ended up placing him in a wheelchair.


  2. i so admire your efforts to keep going and have as much normalcy as possible. is it possible for you to go on disability (social security) so you can take better care of yourself? as for your friend, it is wonderful that she is there for you and makes the trip to come and get you. keep in mind that she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t want to.

    take care of yourself and keep taking pictures! love and hugs my friend:)

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