Is change a good thing?

Do you rebel against it?

Hold your arms open wide?

Take it bit by bit?


Do you pout with lower lip?

Does sadness seem the word?

Do you look up to the skies

Are you jealous of the birds?


What if you can’t help it?

What if it can’t be fixed?

Do you try a different angle

Do you spread legs with hands on hips?


For me, I do not like it

I don’t accept it well

I think for days about it

Then finally I ring the bell.


“Hello God, I have a question

I really don’t understand

I thought I was doing better

Have helped all over the land”?


Then God bowed his head and said

With a smile upon his face

” I know you don’t understand child

The way the world changes place


But I chose you of all the others

Because I knew that you could do

What ever I placed upon your heart

Because you love me and I love you”.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


center 22

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