You may write in any style or poetic form a poem about a funny or funniest valentine.



Seasons have passed by

I still wipe my eyes

My memories fresh

When I look at the dress

The one I wore

When you opened the door

Your eyes got big

Bigger than a rig

You walked towards me

Wanting to see

But instead you fell

Over Billy’s pail

I gasped and said

Are you okay dear Fred?

You stood up and shook

You threw a book

It landed on

A playing song

Domino effect took over

Almost killing Rover

I couldn’t help giggle

As you stood and wiggled

Trying to sustain a face

That was white as paste

The mood was gone

Silence replaced the song

We stared at the room

Now dressed in gloom

Then reaching out

We both showed pouts

We sat on the bed

Leaning head to head

Then giggles came

There was no shame

I will never forget that kiss

The chaos, the bliss

Of that Valentine’s Day

Or the way it played.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd