A Day of Shock


Things are changing in my life. It is getting more difficult to move and my steadiness is pretty unsteady. I have given notice to my landlord and to my work place. I will be moving in to my daughter’s home in Kentucky at the end of August.

Two days ago at work, my boss; during a very busy few minutes, came up to where my trainer and I were sitting entering the several people standing in line wanting to see case workers.

I sit right beside my trainer so she can watch me for mistakes and correct them before damage is done. My boss said to my trainer, that I was not to be on the computer any longer since I had given notice.

I was shocked and frightened to hear this because I struggle daily to do my job. I like sitting at the computer entering data because there is barely any walking involved. When I over heard this I became worried.

When the crowd disappeared I stepped back from the computer and went to the boss. I asked her if I had heard her right and she said yes. She said she was going to train me on something new and I asked why.

With no reply I voiced my opinion which must have been a bad thing. I told her I didn’t see any purpose in training me for 10 hours, which is what I had left. I told her I preferred to spend those last ten hours at the computer because I knew I could handle it.

Obviously she didn’t like it and when I went in to work this morning, the second boss called me into the private office and told me because of my health issues, they were not going to hold me until Friday of this week, which was to be my last day. They were letting me go today.

I was upset and humiliated because I have never been let go from a job; plus I knew the boss must have not like me telling her my thoughts. Maybe I was wrong, maybe not, but it is over. I was sent home.

Now here I sit at the computer which is mine writing this. I guess I can start separating and packing what I will be taking with me to my daughter’s and what I am going to be parting with a day early.

I don’t feel any better after writing this and I  hoped I would. I have learned a valuable lesson. Keep my mouth shut. Do what others ask; even if I have fears or opinions. The good things that came from this job is my new experience with data entry and the fact that on my chart it states clearly that I was released from my job due to health reasons.


31 thoughts on “A Day of Shock

  1. I am sorry to hear that, Gong back up to your daughter will be good for you. Big hugs for you, you need it! Let it just be another experience you had and it is finished. Don’t dwell on it, it is not worth it! Enjoy the Summer and nature, go with your trusted friend , your camera and find some beauty!


  2. I’m so sorry, Terry. Moving is so hard under normal circumstances and loosing a job – ugh. I’m confident that God has good things for you because He is good. And being with your daughter is a blessing. Praying for you – hugs. ❤

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  3. OMG! I am up at 3am again and have just seen this. I am so sorry but good on you for speaking up to the bosses. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you make this next transition. Lots and lots and lots of love to you my friend xxx

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  4. Terry, so sorry to hear about your job situation. But don’t dwell on it too much. it just ain’t worth it. I got hired and fired on the same day during the dotcom bust and it was my first job when I came to the US. God has surely blessed you with a great daughter and I pray that your transitions goes smoothly. Take Care.

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  5. Oh Terry! I think your boss was being very insensitive and you were absolutely right in pointing out that it didn’t make any sense to retrain for another job with only ten hours left. Far too often, I think we regret the things we didn’t say, didn’t do, didn’t try … then the one’s we did. So don’t stop speaking out your mind, don’t just take things lying down if they make no sense to you. Speak up for yourself, you never know who else you might benefit.

    These are difficult times for you .. but know that you are in our thought and prayers and the good Lord will see you through these days too. Big Hugs!!!!!!!

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  6. It could be that your second boss was looking out for you. By letting you go early, she is making life easier for you. You were sent home – I take it paid up until the Friday? But you were able to be comfortable at home, so it may not have been a bad thing.

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  7. Oh dear!
    So sorry that you are not doing well dear Terry.
    That boss sucks & better that you did’t have to finish the week off looking at faces.
    You will be good with your daughter in Kentucky.
    It helps being with loved ones when things are rough – especially our health.


  8. I am sorry to hear your news, have been so busy with summer holidays, promoting my book and a million other things so just catching up on blog reading now. Do not take it to heart about the job, many places do not allow people to work their notice over here especially service industries where they worry people are going to take customers with them, in your case I would imagine it was partly your assertion you could not do anything else for those last hours but also they probably just thought they would save themselves a few hours on the wage bill


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