What was promised yesterday

No guarantees for today

Words, thoughts scrambled

In my mind, so hybrid

How do we accept

Changes with depth

Shifting our minds

Knowing we run different lines

Throw a blanket on the ground

Look at clouds all around

Tears escape our eyes

As we face the surprise

We come to know

We’ll travel down and go

We will give with all our might

We won’t give up on this big fight.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd





Summer is Nearing

The days are ticking by and my time is short here in Warsaw. In less than a week I will be on my way back down south. My sale is over and what I had left I donated. Friends have been popping by and I have been sharing lunch and good chats. These are memories I will keep.

I was able to see my son this past weekend and although it wasn’t long enough, I enjoyed the visit. They live at the lake and usually when I go out that way, I sniff deep, so I can smell the wood burning at the campfires. I just love the smell of campfires. A long time ago I ran across an incense at a local hardware store.

It advertised that it smelled like campfire wood burning; so I decided to try one box of them. They weren’t lying. Each time I burnt one, I thought I was back in the camping days. I went back and bought more boxes. The following year I headed straight to that store to purchase more, but they didn’t have them, and I have never seen them since. I have tried other scents that promise that familiar smell, but none of them ever did the great job those little green cones did.

I have been on  an up-swing with my two books I had written. Dahlia and Al, his life and MSA, have been selling lately. I plan to continue my writing of my third book once I get settled in or at least when those days are chilly and I see a few snowflakes falling. I plan to capture on camera the changing of the tree colors, and am hoping to take photos of wildlife.

I have had a really good week as far as how I have felt with Parkinson’s. Last night terminated my seven-day streak, as I lay awake most of the midnight hours with body tremors. I don’t know what happened but when I woke this morning, the one leg that had the most tremors, was broke out in a rash and looked bruised. It doesn’t hurt, but I can definitely see something happened. The other leg has a little in the same area but not as much.

I went to a Chinese restaurant today that serves a buffet lunch only on Mondays. I think because I limit myself to so few foods, the food there didn’t taste good at all. Much too salty and I guess I am not used to fried foods anymore. I was disappointed, although I looked around and the place was packed with people; and I could see they were enjoying their meal; so it must have been my taste buds.

Tomorrow I plan to pack a little more up and I have been invited to Applebee’s by a friend, so I don’t have to cook, and since I am not a good cook any longer, I will enjoy dining out.

The weather is beautiful today. Light breezes, sunny skies, tiny, white, puff-clouds. A sure sign that summer is coming to an end. Fall is beautiful, but I don’t like cold anymore so don’t look forward to winter.

Hope you are all having a good Monday.

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A friend of mine passed away from a lengthy battle with cancer this morning. She leaves behind a husband and four children. If you pray, please pray for this family. They are a family of God and I believe Tammy is soaring in heaven along with my brother, and family. This seems a perfect time for me to say words that I think of very often, but do not voice them; but now I will.


What is important?

A smile on their face?

Making lots of money?

Spending an hour or so

With those we care about?

Quit arguing! quit the spite!

Look around you,

It can be gone

In a blink of an eye.

Don’t worry about the extras,

You aren’t taking it

With you anyways.

Look them in the eye

Touch a shoulder

Give a hug.

This is what is important.

You never know

When your time is up,

Or when that person will leave.

Don’t be the one who says,

“I saw them yesterday”.

Don’t cry over words

You should have said.

Do it now, live for today!

Love as if there will

Never be another moment.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



Roses, Beach Balls and Summer

Yesterday I had a yard sale. A friend of mine and her granddaughter came over to help me. In the latter part of the afternoon we went outside for some ball time. I took some photos. One of the photos was kind of different. It was a big, blue beach ball and then I took a photo of it looking at the sun through the beach ball. The other photos are of my friend and her grandchild having fun. The roses are out my front window.

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Poetry Contest

papers 2For this contest you will write an ABC poem about old letters. Here is how- Pick any letter and start. Each subsequent sentence is a sequential counting of the alphabet. If it is A, the next sentence begins with a B. Then it follows with the third sentence as C and so on. This is a form of acrostic poems. Explanation about your poem is permissible. Photos with your post will be deleted. You may post as many poems as you want but comments are counted per poem only.


A stack of papers

Beholds my mind

Creating chapters

Days, weeks and months

From our time together

Giving me tears

Holding feelings in

I only wish

Just one more time

Keeping eyes tight

Longing to see you once again

Mirrored reflections

Now, are all I hold

Open the veil

Pierce your way through

Quicken my heart beat

Rush blood to my toes

Stand  here in front of me

Tell me you are here

Under my spell, my mind

Vacating my space

Wishing I could touch

Xeroxing my thoughts

Zagging in and  out of my mind, are you  here?

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



lezlie 15

Woman’s Instincts


When I think back

I ponder on facts

Your eyes stopped glowing

Love no longer flowing

Suspicious mind

Thoughts grind

As I lay down at night

Dreams wrestle, I fight

What things I saw

Not against the law

But I could tell

I wanted to yell

Your two looks

Hidden between the books

Quick touches where

You made her care

Woman’s instincts

Can’t be beat

You finally spew

Our words, they flew

Now years gone by

No tears in eyes

Karma got you back

Now love you lack.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Pay It Forward

Brenda was cute, had a good paying job, had many friends; she thought she had it all. She grew up in a middle-class family. School came easy. She was the youngest of two children.

Upon graduation, she was without work very little time before she was accepted into a secretarial position with a well-known company. She worked hard and the company  noticed and moved her up until finally she had her own corner office with large windows looking out over the California bay.

She walked to work many days because she could reach her destination quicker than going by car. She had to pass a lower class of people on her way to work. She wasn’t afraid; but she was cautious, often thinking if these people spent as much time cleaning themselves up as they did sitting on curbs and benches; they would be working, at least part-time.

This one particular day she was walking through the poor neighborhood. It was dark and dreary. It had rained but the sun had not come out to dry the sidewalks off yet. She came upon a lump or a bump in the middle of her path.

It was covered with wet cardboard and streams of water were dripping from each fold. She stopped at the edge, startled, as she couldn’t help but notice the bright light that seemed to shine brightly down upon this matter that was taking up space.

She put her hand over her forehead to shield the light. Her eyes began to water from the sting of brightness. The entire neighborhood seemed to freeze. The air was still. The birds became silent. Buses and cars came to a halt.

All was silent. Then softly and with a song of lightness two hands came down from within the clouds. They scooped her up into the hands. She couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t speak. Her heart was not racing. She felt calmness around her.

Higher and higher she was lifted until she could barely make out the golden doors of heaven. Soft breezes blew through her hair and she was placed upon a cloud and a voice became firm but clear.

” I have blessed you over and over my child. Never have you spoken the words thank-you or given to anyone else as I have given to you. It is now time for you to return the kindness I have placed upon your life. You shall go back and think about your life and what you have been given. I want you to pay it forward; help someone else who is having a hard life. Do you understand my child? Nothing on the earth is free. You must always do what is right”.

The arms lifted her back into the soft folds of love and sat her back down where she had been standing. People came to life. Buses and cars once again raced through the streets.

She looked at the cardboard which now had light spots where it was drying. The thing underneath came to life and stirred. Tossing the wetness away from him, he sat up and looked around and then came eye to eye with her.

Without a word, she extended her hand and he reached for it, standing a good 3 inches above her. He wobbled as if he was going to fall. ” Are you hungry sir”? All he could do was shake his head. She held on to his hand and he followed her as she led him through the doors of the Corner Cafe.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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