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Yesterday I started cleaning out the spare bedroom closet. I knew it was heavy laden with bags of paper work from my parents and my brother. I also realized there were some documents I could now get rid of; as enough time has slipped by.

I was surprised that my heart still felt knifed as I read paper work about my brother. I can barely grasp the idea that he has been gone over a year. I never go a day without thinking of him at least once.

I sorted through everything and bagged the items that need to be shredded. I asked my son if we could have a burn party at his house and he agreed to my idea. They went ahead and invited me for supper. I love going out to eat or being invited to a meal because cooking for myself is getting more difficult all the time with this Parkinson’s.

I headed over there but the hot weather and the breeze kept my son and I from any burn party. I instead used his home shredder. I emptied a couple of bags. I am now down to three bags left.

I am afraid that their home unit will burn up with all of my papers so I am going to try to locate a shredding company that won’t empty my pockets. If I can’t, my son told me we could try it again on a cooler, calmer day.

We had a good supper, light and perfect for a hot day. He had smoked a pork loin in the smoker. It tasted awesome. I really miss those days when he and I used to smoke several types of meat. We had salad and for dessert I allowed myself a very tiny piece of chocolate pie. My sugars have been on the higher side today and the only reason I can figure out is the heat.

I had tried to cut down on my electric bill by not using the air conditioner today; but the indoor temp climbed to 90. I don’t think my sugars could handle it so took off on a monster roll. I gave up and turned the air back on. By supper time my sugars came down since I was at my son’s in central air; but I remained cautious on how much I ate and what I ate.

My oldest grandson was not home this evening, and my middle grandson was being shy; but not the one year old. He was being a ham. Playing peek-a-boo with chocolate pie on his fingers, I just had to take a few photos of him. I promise I will save them for him so when he is grown up he can take a nice look at himself.

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