Lend Me Your Thoughts

I had two doctor appointments today and visited one other doctor I go to.  This morning I had labs drawn for my three month check-up for my Diabetes. I went back this afternoon to get the results. I stopped by the office of my neurologist on my way to my results visit to get a referral to the area I am moving to.

That visit provided no referral. I was told they don’t know anything about my new area so it will be up to me to find a new neurologist. I did receive a short pile of my medical records to take with me.

While I was there my tremors were showing off. The head was full of tremors and so were my legs. When I went to the other doctor, my family doctor, I almost fell down. My doctor actually helped me stand and get my balance back. Once again professionals noticed the head doing the tremor thing.

My tests all came back good except one area. It was the LDL area, where it is dangerous to have the numbers get too high. It is my fault, as I learned. I was told to lay off the sugar-free ice-cream and all cheese.

I had given up most red meats and had traded the cheese and ice-cream; but my numbers went up 16 points. The doctor explained  how that is not good at all as my arteries are starting to clog and I needed to change my diet once again and get rid of the dairy.

I had noticed when I look at my veins they are popping up pretty good, making me look like I have night crawlers under my skin. I could use some advice from you. What can I eat? Especially at night when my sugar goes low? I thought cheese was protein, but maybe not. I don’t want to eat sugars to bring up my sugars so what can I eat instead?

The doctor said I can bring the numbers back down by eliminating the culprit, which I will start to immediately to because I don’t want to have a heart attack. The other thing that was in my favor was my weight. Because of my constant tremors, I have now lost 12 pounds this past three months. Maybe I will be nicer looking in time. I am hoping.


18 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Thoughts

  1. Hi Terry, after reading this I went back a bit and sent you a note from another post of yours. That’s pretty crappie about not getting a neurology referral and unforgivable in this day and age. It just adds further stress. …cursing here. ..Hugs Chris


  2. Here we advise to drink 10 ml juice or Lucozade to bring sugars up. Also Carbohydrates like bread or a biscuit for longer lasting during night.
    On the other side, may be it is a good thing to choose your Neurologist yourself. Your doctor system in the USA is so different and tricky I find!


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