The cover photo on this page is a photo of a girl covering her face in shame (Photo prompt by Marcella Leff, administrator)

Von Kahlo has chosen the topic of shame in free verse poem for the August 2015 monthly contest. You may write in any style or poetic form a poem about shame- what is it and how do you resolve it or not

embarrassWith age comes slacking

A time of lacking

We stand in time

Remain in line

This can be bad

And even sad

When mistakes we make

And people hate

Cuz they don’t understand

They don’t see the plan

Our minds still tick

But fog is thick

Filled with memories

Of children and trees

Babies born

Husbands are torn

What once was gay

Can be sad, I say

So when I go out and do

Something stupid or rude

Please take in stride

Don’t scold don’t chide

Don’t sit me on a shelf

When I embarrass you and myself

Just cover your grin

And hold it in

Put your arm around me

Tell me words I can see

This is what we need.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Selling Photos Online?

model 22model 10center 27center 13The reason I  posted these photos that you probably have already seen is because I have a question for you. For any of you photogenic people, I have pondered on the idea of how to sell my photos online.

I know it sounds easy, but how do I do it? Do I set up a page, post photos and sell a print of it by copying it off and mailing it to someone? I have no idea, but I have thought about it as a way to make money. Any help would be appreciated.