Selling Photos Online?

model 22model 10center 27center 13The reason I  posted these photos that you probably have already seen is because I have a question for you. For any of you photogenic people, I have pondered on the idea of how to sell my photos online.

I know it sounds easy, but how do I do it? Do I set up a page, post photos and sell a print of it by copying it off and mailing it to someone? I have no idea, but I have thought about it as a way to make money. Any help would be appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Selling Photos Online?

  1. I have wondered too Terry. I know that there a few places like Red Bubble and Society6. My problem was that I didn’t understand some of the requirements specified as far as resolutions or something like that. It was a bit complicated for me at the time..


  2. Shutterstock is one place but they are pretty particular. Also Getty Images is worth checking. I’ve had no luck to this point but both are options. Thinking of printing some of mine and going to an art show next year. Could be fun! You just never know…hope all is well, Terry.


      • Exactly. I’m trying to find some art shows in the area to exhibit my photos at. I just think it would be a lot of fun and you never know who might see your work. Sure there is a little overhead cost up front, but if you don’t go overboard and just try it out, maybe something good could come of it! Hope all is well, my friend.

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  3. you could look at somewhere like Zazzle that offers you the chance to pop your own image on various products, cafe press is the same but I use that and it is quite hard work getting things to look right on there, to be honest even professional photographers I know with the whole set up struggle selling images on line so not sure you will make money selling the photos themselves, as already suggested a stock image supplier is more likely to buy them such as Shutterstock


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