A Writer’s Thoughts

Ever wonder what makes a writer different from others? I have been asked that before. I have heard some say they would have no idea how to write, let alone write chapters for a book. Where do we get our thoughts on topics to write? What are you doing when you get an idea to write.

I decided to let you peek into a small part of my brain and see the churning that goes on when I am not punching the keyboard. I can tell you that some of my thoughts are strange, maybe weird, maybe even laughable. I will write a few of the things that slither into my mind at times; then you can tell me some of yours.

  1. I wonder how long Aunt Bee’s hair really was and did she get sick and tired of having it done for so many shows on the Andy Griffith show?
  2. Besides sex, what were my parents activities the day I was conceived?
  3. Why do  people seem to want something for nothing?
  4. Have I really done anything special in my life thus far?
  5. Who came up with the word poop?
  6. Why do companies take things off the market that actually work?
  7. Do each of us really have a secret desire we never have let anyone in on?
  8. How did the name Ding Dong ever come up for a snack cake?
  9. Do our loved ones really watch over us?
  10. Do you think our government sleeps well at nights?
  11. We have five toes, but actually the big toe carries the balance for our bodies, is that crazy or what?
  12. Is Kramer really as crazy in person as he portrays in the Seinfeld show?
  13. How long does it take the thinkers behind the scenes of soap operas to make a new continuation?
  14. Who are the people behind the television sets who decide what should be aired or not? Are they so brainy? Why don’t they give us a choice?
  15. Where did the name television come from?
  16. Why did a handshake turn into a five-page contract?

So you see my friends, I have a mind that wanders to different topics. I have many, many thoughts that go on daily. What about you? Do you think you think different from a non-writer?

woman on wall

Diabetes and Dreamfields Products

Well, my friends, today I had a couple of visitors stop by the pre-sale and purchase a few items. I never let people come early at a sale, but in this case I have chosen to break that rule. I really don’t want any leftover stuff hanging around where I may have to find a new replacement home for them.

I have some teeth problems. I really need to get them pulled but I keep backing off of it because the prices are so high to have them pulled and then dentures plopped straight in on those sore gums. Did I say I was also afraid of the pain? Well, that is part of it too. I know my time is ticking down though on having to do what I don’t want to, as my teeth need an antibiotic at times, like now.

I ate my supper at my normal time. I use that new product called Dreamfield. It is pastas that are made with lots of protein. This process allows diabetic patients to eat pasta once again without the huge fear of sugars rising.

For me, this product works like magic. My supper consisted of this pasta mixed with spaghetti sauce and meat balls. Along with the antibiotic, this makes a terrible bomb explosion on my sugars about five hours later.

The antibiotic lowers my sugars most times. About four hours after I ate, I all of a sudden felt the room go slightly black. It scared me, I looked at the clock. It wasn’t time to check my sugars yet, but what the heck, do it anyways since you feel like crap.

My sugars were 70, oh wow, this is why I feel bad. I ate a half of a peanut butter buster bar and a chocolate covered graham cracker. 10 minutes I waited and then checked my numbers again. Oh no, the numbers had actually dropped by one point.

I ate another graham cracker and that didn’t work. I didn’t have anything else accessible. I stumbled to the kitchen and looked in the cupboards. There sat a canister of ready-made strawberry frosting that I had purchased a couple of months ago when my sugars got too low. The EMS had been called and they had made the suggestion to keep this frosting on hand.

I opened the can and it smelled of highly addicting sugar, yuck. I took a tablespoon of it and ate it. That was the sickest taste ever. For someone who doesn’t eat much sugar, you can imagine how my taste buds reacted.

I waited another ten minutes and my sugar finally rose to 84. A half-hour later my sugars were 120. All that junk and sugar I ate, I was finally in the safe mode to go to sleep.

In the middle of the night I was woken to tremors. Internal tremors that forced me to sit on the bed for a while and feel helpless. I was so tired and sleepy. I rolled over on my back and willed myself to forget the shakes and finally went back to sleep.

This day is now filled with lack of sleep, but I made it through, made a few dollars, and am now going to go take a nap. I better set my alarm so I don’t sleep through lunch. Have a great day.