Pitter patter little feet

So short, our eyes don’t meet

Busy body, fingers on the go

I can’t keep up, please hurry and grow.


First day of school, tears in my eyes

You smile at me as you wave goodbye

You bring me home your colored sheet

I bend down and our eyes, they meet.


He asked you to the prom you say?

The smile on your face gives you away

Twinkles in your eyes show me

You aren’t that little girl I used to see.


Married? What? Oh no way

You’re much to young to have this say

Why I just gave birth to you a few years ago

You can’t be grown, please tell me so.


The call came in the middle of the night

Our bags are packed for an immediate flight

We rush between the double doors

Our little girl is gone for ever more.


I hold the bundle in my arms

Our hearts are bonding, my little charm

Why I remember like yesterday

When your mamma and I used to play.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd