Summer is Nearing

The days are ticking by and my time is short here in Warsaw. In less than a week I will be on my way back down south. My sale is over and what I had left I donated. Friends have been popping by and I have been sharing lunch and good chats. These are memories I will keep.

I was able to see my son this past weekend and although it wasn’t long enough, I enjoyed the visit. They live at the lake and usually when I go out that way, I sniff deep, so I can smell the wood burning at the campfires. I just love the smell of campfires. A long time ago I ran across an incense at a local hardware store.

It advertised that it smelled like campfire wood burning; so I decided to try one box of them. They weren’t lying. Each time I burnt one, I thought I was back in the camping days. I went back and bought more boxes. The following year I headed straight to that store to purchase more, but they didn’t have them, and I have never seen them since. I have tried other scents that promise that familiar smell, but none of them ever did the great job those little green cones did.

I have been on  an up-swing with my two books I had written. Dahlia and Al, his life and MSA, have been selling lately. I plan to continue my writing of my third book once I get settled in or at least when those days are chilly and I see a few snowflakes falling. I plan to capture on camera the changing of the tree colors, and am hoping to take photos of wildlife.

I have had a really good week as far as how I have felt with Parkinson’s. Last night terminated my seven-day streak, as I lay awake most of the midnight hours with body tremors. I don’t know what happened but when I woke this morning, the one leg that had the most tremors, was broke out in a rash and looked bruised. It doesn’t hurt, but I can definitely see something happened. The other leg has a little in the same area but not as much.

I went to a Chinese restaurant today that serves a buffet lunch only on Mondays. I think because I limit myself to so few foods, the food there didn’t taste good at all. Much too salty and I guess I am not used to fried foods anymore. I was disappointed, although I looked around and the place was packed with people; and I could see they were enjoying their meal; so it must have been my taste buds.

Tomorrow I plan to pack a little more up and I have been invited to Applebee’s by a friend, so I don’t have to cook, and since I am not a good cook any longer, I will enjoy dining out.

The weather is beautiful today. Light breezes, sunny skies, tiny, white, puff-clouds. A sure sign that summer is coming to an end. Fall is beautiful, but I don’t like cold anymore so don’t look forward to winter.

Hope you are all having a good Monday.

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