Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Bread


A dreary day

Clouds over head

Rain trying to sneak in

Sun gone a stray


Sitting in my room

Watching an old movie

Wishing for something

Day filled with gloom.


Hunger drew me up

And out of my space

Went out to the kitchen

to refill my cup.


When all of a sudden

To my eyes did appear

A baking in progress

And I smiled a big grin.


Mixing and baking

And smells filled the air

My daughter was busy

And I wanted to sing.


Pumpkin pie

And pumpkin bread

Made my mouth water

I swear that’s no lie.


Reminded me of a time

When my health was better

I stood in my kitchen

Singing in rhyme.


My family was here

It was Thanksgiving day

A time filled with love

Good times and no tears.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


pumpkin 2pumpkin

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