Jamie walked through the forest. A path not taken before brought a surprise in the late afternoon. Leaves piled over a door, hidden from her view, sucked her in and took her on a trip she had never experienced.

Grasping for walls, feet scrambling to stop her in mid-air, she failed and was thrown through  a big, black door. A bump to her head left her laying on cold ground. A soft breeze was sent through her nostrils, waking her to changes she never thought could be possible.

People, who looked like her with different faces stared down at her. False smiles showed dull, once white teeth. At the corners of each pair of lips Jamie was in awe as she noticed shiny gold, that seemed attached to pointed tooth.

She lay there, afraid to move, breathing shallow. It was as if she didn’t want these oddities to realize that she could see and hear them. One or more of these creatures kicked at her ribs. A kick that was more like a nudge, a sign that they wanted her to awake and to intertwine with their lives.

Jamie didn’t want to be like them. She liked herself. She wanted to remain to be the one she had grown up with. She had fought her own devils throughout her life. She had gained experience in dealing with good versus  bad.

Yet, the nudging went on. She was brought to her feet, by familiar and yet rough hands. She was offered a gold-ornament  goblet. When she refused to partake, they pronounced in a firm voice one word; a command that they didn’t like that she was ignoring their orders.

With the help of a younger set of hands, Jamie was forced to sip the contents. She shivered as the icy drink slithered deep into her throat. A cloth was placed upon her lips and wiped off the evidence of what she had drunk.

Hands reached for her and without her being able to  pull back they lead her into their strange customs. Each time she would not obey, she was forced back to the lion’s den to begin once again this new way of living.

Giving up all she was familiar with, she wept silently inside, her soul screaming out to her very own God as to why this was happening. Everyone knew the truth and it was up to her to uncover her own veil and discover the reason for this journey.

lions den

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