I wonder what people say

Do they wonder if I squander my day?

The media makes me feel

Like I am a square, a real  fifth wheel.

This illness is getting me down

My gait is bad;  all around.

Light-headed is most of days

It keeps me from wanting to play.

Tremors keep me so uptight

I feel like I want to fight.

Arguing always with  myself

Trying not to sit on a shelf.

I don’t want this again and again

I wish I could turn back and then

I’d pack more in each day

Nothing would stand in my way.

I keep God close to my heart

I pray each day at start.

I ask for this one day

To make it through your way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd






  1. Hello Terry ,how are you.I like your poem very much, you have a lovely way with words.I am still fighting this thing with all my heart,but i know i am losing the battle. I am at the moment not bed bound,but that is only through pure pig headedness and natural strength.I no longer venture out as i hate people looking at me with pitty and whispering about me.I am now 5 years into this fight and am now heading into the final stages.My legs are no use ,and my right arm just shakes, i cannot sit up ,I lean to my left and forward ,my voice is inaudible.I have to be fed by my wonderful wife and bathed shaved and dressed and undressed and most demeaning have to be helped with the toilet as i cannot do things i used to do myself,and took for granted.My medication is sometimes to much to take but i have to take it to stay alive.I have a very beautiful and loving little great grandson who is 9 months old and i love him to bits.My wife ,my 3 children and 7 grandchildren are all that keep me alive and fighting.Sometimes though i do feel like giving up and just letting go because the pain is so very very bad.You know how it is Terry, you have experienced it with Al.My heart is slowly breaking,and my brain dying but i still love them all.,and always will until the end of time itself.I know that you are a believer Terry, but i have seen so much suffering and despair in my lifetime especialy in children who have never done anything wrong and their parents who are in pieces.4 members of my close family have died in the last 8 years and another who is suffering now.Where is the love and help from the almighty for them and the millions of other people suffering in this world. Ifear nothing to come,and hope you know our hearts and love are always with you and you are always in our thoughts.May your god always love you keep and protect you forever and ever Amen . MIKE.

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    • My heart leaps for joy when I see a reply from you. I only wish with all my soul I could heal you, but all I can do is care and pray for you. I am always here for you. I always have you in my thoughts. If you want to hear my voice or have words for me, my number is 574 306 8290. Much love a ND big hugs to you and your family


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